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6 Yoga Poses Kids Can Do for Better Sleep
Yoga before bedtime works like a miracle. Your kids can do yoga for better sleep, but some poses may energize... READ MORE
10 Bedtime Snacks for Better Sleep
Getting adequate rest is key in reducing anxiety and regulating attention in children. Hunger is a common cause of interrupted sleep,... READ MORE
The Dark Side of Sleep Deprivation in Teens and Children
Imagine waking up with the sun, going to school, participating in extracurricular activities, doing at least 45 minutes of homework, squeezing in... READ MORE
How to Teach Your Teen to Grocery Shop
Discussing your teenager’s nutritional options with them is likely to evoke a little eye rolling. Although challenging, giving advice about... READ MORE
How a Simple Spice Like Turmeric Can Help Ease Your Child’s Anxiety
Known for centuries for its brilliant yellow color and distinctive flavor, turmeric has long been a favorite culinary spice in... READ MORE
What to Keep In Mind When Waking Up Children with Anxiety
How you wake children from sleep can impact their day and psychological health. Waking up children in ways that don’t... READ MORE
The Benefits of Active Listening Exercises for Kids
Does the old saying “it went in one ear and out the other” apply to your child’s ability to hear... READ MORE
4 Ways to Promote Mindfulness in Teens
Whether balancing schoolwork or chores, a first job or bullying by peers, the life of a teenager is stressful. Promoting mindfulness for... READ MORE
5 Healthy Snacks for Teens With Anxiety
Navigating life with a teenager can be tricky, especially when they are dealing with anxiety. You never quite know the reaction... READ MORE
7 DIY Projects for Teens With Anxiety
Your teen may have long forgotten the joy of coloring, getting messy with paints or passing the time with any... READ MORE
Are Genetics to Blame for My Child’s Anxiety?
A young mother is sitting in my office, tearfully wondering aloud, “Is it my fault that my daughter worries so... READ MORE
6 Ways to Help Your Child Fall Asleep
Getting adequate sleep and waking up feeling well-rested sounds simple, right? Falling asleep fast isn’t so easy, and it’s often a source... READ MORE
How I Weaned My Child Off Video Games
Video games quietly took up residence in my home over the summer. It started out innocently enough when my teenage... READ MORE
The Best Chores for Kids by Age
From the time children can understand what chores are, it is best to begin training them and developing healthy habits... READ MORE
Tips for Talking to Children About Death
Has a beloved pet just passed away? Is an elderly relative nearing the end of his or her life? Or... READ MORE
5 Fun Workouts for Kids with Anxiety and Attention Disorders
Exercise gives kids a creative outlet for turning excess energy into adventurous action. They can move, shake and run in... READ MORE
Here’s How Video Games Affects Child Development
Playing video games can affect child and teen development both positively and negatively. Video games can help children develop problem-solving... READ MORE
Tips for Helping Teens With Anxiety
You probably remember what it was like to be a teenager: exhausted by schoolwork or extracurricular activities, overwhelmed by peer... READ MORE
Cyberbullying: How It Can Affect Your Child’s Anxiety & Solutions to Help Stop It
Our children are living in an electronically driven world where the tools they need to function come courtesy of a... READ MORE
How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need? [Infographic]
If you’ve wondered how much sleep do kids really need, you’re not alone. There are multiple factors that play a... READ MORE
How to Help a Child with Anxiety [Flowchart]
Is your child, or a child you know, suffering from childhood anxiety? The five pillars of Brillia are designed to... READ MORE

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