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How Brillia Works To Help With Anger Management in Children
- "Unchecked anger in children can result in poor academic performance, peer rejections, and mental health issues in adulthood"- Everyone... READ MORE
7 Ways to Make Parenting with ADHD Easier
- "Studies show that parents with ADHD report higher 'home chaos' due to their ADHD symptoms" - Parenting with ADHD... READ MORE
12 Natural Ways to Increase Concentration & Focus in ADHD Kids
- "If you notice your child is having prolonged difficulty and consistently encountering academic and social difficulties, then you may... READ MORE
Depersonalization & Anxiety: What It Is & How To Control Anxiety In Order to Reduce It
- "Studies have shown that of all emotional states, anxiety is the strongest predictor of depersonalization" - Depersonalization refers to... READ MORE
Restlessness & Anxiety: What is The Link & How To Help
- "Whether you are anxious, restless, or both, there are several lifestyle habits that can help" - Everyone experiences occasional... READ MORE
8 Holistic Ways to Reduce Constant Irritability
- "Irritability is likely to come back if you don’t look at the big picture of why you feel the... READ MORE
Non-Stimulant vs Stimulant ADHD Medication: Similarities & Differences
- "...In some cases, people would like to find an alternative to address symptoms not being addressed by their drugs"... READ MORE
Understanding Social Anxiety: Signs & Symptoms, Coping & The Effects of Covid-19
- "According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, social anxiety affects an estimated 15 million adults, or around 6.8%... READ MORE
Anxiety in Children Symptom Checklist - From Ages 5 to 10
- "Research shows that 10 percent of children ages two to five show signs of an anxiety disorder." - While... READ MORE
How To Help Kids Turn Anxiety Into Their Own Superpower: Reframing Anxiety for Kids
- "Studies have shown that reframing has helped minimize anxiety and depression..." - When you hear the word “superpower,” you may... READ MORE
Combining Talk Therapy & Medication For Anxiety & Depression
- "Studies show that adding psychotherapy to medication in the treatment of anxiety and depression is more effective than treatment with... READ MORE
Can Anxiety Get Worse During the Winter
- "Though the winter months typically trigger depression in around five percent of adults in the U.S., many individuals also suffer... READ MORE
Insomnia & ADHD: How They Affect One Another & Ways To Help
- "When we do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, we are at risk for developing a number... READ MORE
Understanding Seasonal Affective Disorder
- "Researchers have found that people with seasonal affective disorder have difficulty regulating serotonin, sometimes called the “happy hormone,” which is... READ MORE
Brillia for Children vs Adults: Differences & Similarities
Studies show that ​​about 40 percent of children with ADHD have at least one parent with clinical ADHD symptoms.1 Similarly,... READ MORE
Dopamine vs. Serotonin: What's The Difference?
- "Studies show that patients with major depressive disorder have elevated levels of the S100B protein, a key regulator of many different... READ MORE
How to Improve Your Communication Skills with Adults with ADHD
- "Talking excessively, not talking enough, interrupting, and blurting things out are just some of the ways that ADHD communication... READ MORE
Panic Attacks vs Panic Disorder: What's The Difference?
- "Panic attacks can come out of nowhere and be frightening even if you’ve had one before, but there are... READ MORE
Understanding Panic Attacks: Causes, Symptoms & How To Cope
- “A person may experience a panic attack whether they are faced with a dangerous threat or merely walking into their... READ MORE
5 Yoga Stretches That Help With Stress & Anxiety
- "Yoga doesn’t just enhance muscular strength and body flexibility; it also improves cardiovascular and respiratory function and significantly reduces... READ MORE
The Coachable Podcast: Holistic Approach to Anxiety & ADHD Symptoms
Our very own Senior Brand Manager, Maryam Amiri, was featured on Tori Gordon’s podcast Coachable this week to discuss a holistic approach... READ MORE

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