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Mindfulness in Children: What Does Being Present Mean?
Mindfulness, in the most basic form, refers to the practice of paying attention to the here and now. It means... READ MORE
How To Talk to Your Kids About Returning to School During COVID-19
Your children need support, no matter how they're feeling. Even if you're conflicted yourself, there are several things you can... READ MORE
Screen Time & Anxiety in Children: An Informative Guide
Many studies have been done on the effects of various types of media on developing brains, characters, and eyes. What... READ MORE
How To Manage Stress & Anxiety Levels While Working From Home
Working from home can be its own kind of stressful, especially when you also have kids calling into school remotely... READ MORE
Alcohol, Stress & Anxiety: Link, Affects & Risks
If you live with chronic stress or anxiety, and if you use alcohol to cope, it may be worth your... READ MORE
Common ADHD Medication Side Effects
When a child or adult has been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, doctors typically prescribe stimulant medications that increase... READ MORE
Could Coronavirus Be Making Your Kids Anxious? How To Help Children Cope With COVID-19
They don’t have years of experience dealing with and overcoming unexpected obstacles in life and may need extra help coping... READ MORE
How to Introduce Mindfulness to Your Children
Mindfulness is a type of meditation that shows great effectiveness in children. Whether your children struggle with hyperactivity, anxiety or... READ MORE
How to Determine Whether or Not You Have ADD/ADHD
Doctors aren't sure why some people develop ADD/ADHD, but we do know that the condition likely arises from a combination... READ MORE
ADD vs ADHD: What's the Difference?
Understanding ADHD and how it presents itself is crucial to diagnosing and treating the condition. If you, as a parent,... READ MORE
How to Use ADD/ADHD to Your Advantage?
Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADD/ADHD, is commonly characterized by struggles to focus and achieve at work and school. However, if... READ MORE
How to Strengthen Your Immune System While Working From Home
As more people find themselves working remotely, it is also becoming increasingly common for individuals to question their work situations.... READ MORE
Anxiety Disorders In Adults: An Informative Guide
If you have experienced debilitating anxiety, you're probably wondering what's the best way to relieve your symptoms without harmful side... READ MORE
A Letter to All Mothers with Struggling Children
My son was struggling to remain in class for more than 2 hours a day because of his behavior and... READ MORE
Podcast: Let's Go on a Discover Brillia Journey!
Happy 2020! I’m so happy to have you tuned in to our very first podcast of the New Year. On... READ MORE
Why & How Brillia Works Video
WATCH: WHY & HOW BRILLIA WORKS By the time you are done watching this video, we hope you'll have a... READ MORE
Tips on How to Talk to Kids About Traumatic Events
Many people have memories from childhood events that left a lasting impression, but not all of them are good memories.... READ MORE
Simple Home Decor Tips To Help Reduce Anxiety In Stressful Times
Traumatic events such as natural disasters and even pandemics like COVID-19 can be scary, especially when you are told to... READ MORE
Supporting Children During a Crisis
As the coronavirus continues to spread, parents everywhere have been faced with the difficult task of explaining the current situation... READ MORE
How to Coach Parents on the Importance of a Sleep Schedule
Professionals who work with the parents of children with attention issues have all heard this story. Do you have a... READ MORE
Brillia 5 Pillars: Adequate Sleep
The brain depends on a solid night’s sleep to re-energize the cells in your brain, regulate mood, and provide needed... READ MORE

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