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Anxiety and inattention in 5 to 6-year-olds.

Reaching age 5 or 6 can be a time of huge transitions for kids (and their parents!). One obvious milestone is starting kindergarten, but there are other just-as-noteworthy events like dropping naps, losing teeth, and learning how to be more independent. While these years can be exciting, this time in life can also bring anxiety as your child adjusts to unfamiliar surroundings. Spending more time away from Mom & Dad, anxiety and inattention (ADHD) can affect some kids more frequently and with more intensity, negatively impacting their schoolwork and relationships. Brillia is clinically proven to reduce these anxious feelings for kindergartners without the harsh chemicals in prescription anxiety medications. 

Anxiety signs and symptoms in 5 to 6-year-olds:

  • Frequent wake-ups,
  • Insisting on sleeping with parent
  • Fear of dark places or bad guys
  • Fear of bugs, animals, monsters
  • Fear of what’s under the bed
  • Loss of appetite, stomach aches
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Constantly worrying
  • Feeling teary or clingy
  • Not wanting to go to school
  • Having a short fuse

Inattention (ADHD) signs and symptoms in 5 to 6-year-olds:

  • Trouble focusing on daily tasks
  • Difficulty concentating at play
  • Distracted when spoken to
  • Can’t keep track of belongings
  • Fidgeting, squirming, tapping
  • Unable to sit still
  • Excessive talking, interrupting
  • Always “on the go”
  • Has trouble waiting their turn
  • Struggles with sustained mental effort

Verified by science, clinical studies and approved by the toughest critics you’ll find anywhere…moms 🙂

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  • Are anxiety and inattention (ADHD) normal in 5 to 6-year-olds?

    Some level of anxiety and stress is age-appropriate and expected, especially as children start school and experience more independence, but it’s important that parents keep an eye out for signs and symptoms of more serious issues. Anxiety may also commonly co-occur alongside your child’s ADHD or inattention symptoms. There are many ways you can help your child, from establishing new routines at home to empowering them with mindfulness practices appropriate for their young age. In fact, the younger your child explores mindfulness practices, the more likely they are to use them throughout their lives. This includes simple breathing exercises, guided sleep meditations, and more.

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Let’s answer any questions

What are homeopathic alternatives for anxiety or inattention (ADHD) in 5 and 6-year-olds?

Brillia relies on a holistic approach to reducing anxiety and ADHD symptoms, combining homeopathic medication with healthy lifestyle habits. A non-prescription medication that helps to reduce symptoms of anxiety, stress, restlessness, irritability, and hyperactivity without harsh, synthetic chemicals, Brillia is safe for children as young as five and has no harmful side effects or contraindications with other medications. The active ingredient in Brillia consists of antibodies to the brain-specific S100 protein (S100B), an important regulator of many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, including mood. Gently and impactfully, Brillia normalizes the processes related to the S100B protein and targets symptoms at their source in children as young as five years old. The clinically proven results include more focus and less worry for children (and parents!).

What are holistic practices for anxiety or ADHD in 5 and 6-year-olds?

Brillia works best in combination with the lifestyle habits outlined in our 5-Pillar methodology. These habits include following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, controlling screen time, and practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques. By pairing Brillia with modified behavior, you are addressing your child’s anxiety from multiple angles, easing symptoms at their source while commiting to whole-body health.

How can I help my 5 or 6-year-old with anxiety or inattention (ADHD)?

If you suspect your five or six-year-old child is struggling with anxiety or ADHD, it is important that you address it right away so they can get the help they need. If your child is experiencing separation anxiety, you might seek out some preliminary volunteer opportunities at school to help them transition easier. Establishing morning and bedtime routines to get them accustomed to their new busy schedule can also be a big help. Connecting with your child’s teacher and other classroom parents is another way to show your child you’re still present in their new school community. Another step you can take is taking your child to see a professional therapist, especially if you notice your child’s symptoms are worsening and interfering with their daily life. It’s also important that you teach your child not to run away or avoid the stressors that trigger anxiety or uncomfortable feelings. Learning to manage their emotions, even in scary situations, will be far more beneficial in the long run than shielding them from every threat. 

How is Brillia clinically-proven for children?

Brillia’s active ingredients are scientifically formulated to reduce anxiety and improve attention and focus as backed by various clinical trials and studies testing Brillia’s safety and efficacy. These studies have proven that children taking Brillia had a significant decrease in the severity of their symptoms compared to placebo and no statistically relevant adverse effects. With 10 years of success in Europe, Brillia has provided substantive documentation on this clinical data to the FDA to support the claims the product makes while abiding by all FDA standards and regulations. 

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