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Thesis Nootropics vs Brillia for Increased Focus & Clarity
- "There are a number of factors that may contribute to ADHD and hyperactive behavior, including genetics, the environment, or... READ MORE
Top 8 Natural Remedies For Adults To Reduce Anxiety Without Prescription Meds
- "Though prescription medication is typically the first line of treatment for anxiety, there are many other ways to reduce... READ MORE
5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Try Brillia With Your Kids
- "Summer is the perfect time to work together as a team to find out what works best for your... READ MORE
10 Dad-Approved Activities That Kids Will Love Too
- "...the more affectionate a father is with his child, the higher their self-esteem as adults" - All parents play... READ MORE
Buying Guide: Homeopathic ADHD Remedies - Medications & Supplements That Actually Work
- "...some doctors are putting their patients at risk in efforts to thrive in the increasingly competitive digital marketplace" -... READ MORE
OCD vs ADHD: How to Tell The Difference Between Them & Ways To Help Reduce Symptoms
- "In individuals where this part of the brain is impaired, it can be difficult to remember things, make decisions,... READ MORE
How To Talk To Your Child About Therapy Before Their First Session
- "Therapists will explore healthy lifestyle changes and coping methods your child can use to deal with their challenges" -... READ MORE
Overuse of Adderall in High School & College Age Kids: How To Spot It & What Parents Can Do
- "In 1990, 600,000 children were on stimulants, and by 2013, 3.5 million children were on them" - When taken... READ MORE
How To Get The Best Results with Brillia for ADHD & Anxiety Symptoms
- "Rather than attempting to fix one symptom at a time...holistic medicine aims to target the root cause of such... READ MORE
7 Ways Dads Can Better Support Their Kids With ADHD
- "According to the CDC, behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy are both helpful in reducing symptoms in children with... READ MORE
5 Things You Can Do Before Bed Besides Scrolling Through Your Phone
- "According to sleep disorders specialists...using your phone before bed keeps you psychologically engaged, suppresses melatonin, and delays REM, which... READ MORE
Online ADHD Diagnosis & Prescription - How Over Prescribed Medications Can Cause More Harm Than Good
- "Unlike prescription ADHD medications...Brillia reduces ADHD symptoms at their source without causing a risk of dependency or any harmful... READ MORE
Brillia vs Nootropics: Similarities, Differences & How They Work for Improved Focus
- "Brillia is a non-prescription homeopathic medication, which is regulated differently from prescription drugs and dietary supplements" - Also known... READ MORE
How The Pandemic Has Caused A "Steep Decline in Teen Mental Health" & Natural Ways To Help Your Kids
- "According to experts at John Hopkins University, social distancing and the interruption of typical school routines can be especially... READ MORE
Taking Brillia With Prescription Anxiety or ADHD Medication
- "Some individuals choose to switch over to Brillia completely to avoid the negative side effects of prescription drugs" -... READ MORE
The Ultimate Summer Guide for Kids With ADHD: Activities, Schedules & Continued Learning
- "By sticking to a summer schedule, you can expect to have a calmer kid at home and an easier... READ MORE
10 Reasons To Be Cautious With Online ADHD Diagnosis & Prescription Meds
- "Diagnosing ADHD takes time and doctors should assess symptoms from childhood to adulthood, something that seems unlikely to do... READ MORE
5 Reasons Melatonin May Be Doing A Disservice to Your Child & Other Alternatives to Help Sleep
- "According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health, children should not take melatonin long-term"... READ MORE
ADHD in Adult Women vs Men: Similarities, Differences & Ways To Help Reduce Symptoms
- "While many individuals find great success from taking prescription medication for ADHD, there are side effects that may dissuade some... READ MORE
6 Best Supplements For Adults & Kids With ADHD
- "Like behavioral therapy, supplements and vitamins provide a gentler way to ease symptoms and can often be used in... READ MORE
ADHD or Lack of Discipline? Child Behaviors that Should be Taken Seriously & What to do About Them
- "Children who have little or no discipline are left to fend for themselves, which may result in injuries and... READ MORE

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