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The Connection Between Coronavirus & Insomnia
If you’ve been having trouble falling and staying asleep in recent months, you’re not alone. Whether due to anxiety, loss... READ MORE
Why an ADHD Diagnosis Can Go "Hidden" In Women
Explore the data behind why female ADHD is harder to diagnose and the less common signs and symptoms to look... READ MORE
Can Anxiety Interfere with Relationships?
Studies show that, on average, adults with anxiety disorders are likely to experience poor relationship quality.1 This is especially true... READ MORE
Common ADHD Misconceptions In Adults
While ongoing research and brain imaging studies have allowed us to gain a better understanding of ADHD in recent years,... READ MORE
How to Deal With Pre-Travel Anxiety
Learn how to successfully travel with anxiety from an extensive traveler who has struggled with anxiety from a young age.... READ MORE
Your Complete Guide to Weighted Blankets
Popularized in the late ‘90s by occupational therapist Tina Champagne, weighted blankets have been used as sleep aids and calming... READ MORE
Anxiety & ADHD: Understanding Their Overlapping Symptoms
If you suspect your child has ADHD or they have recently received an ADHD diagnosis, there’s a chance they may... READ MORE
Buying Guide: Over-the-Counter Anxiety Medication
In 2020, the use of anxiety medication increased by 34.1 percent in the U.S., with the pandemic largely to blame.... READ MORE
Natural Remedies For Reducing Teenage Stress & Anxiety
From Grease to High School Musical, Hollywood’s portrayal of teenage life is one big party worth singing about. But for... READ MORE
Buyer's Guide: How To Help Treat Your Child's Anxiety Naturally
Many people falsely believe that anxiety is something that only plagues adults. With our running list of stressors—from bills to... READ MORE
Women & Anxiety Disorders: Why Stress and Anxiety Are More Prevalent Among Women
Men and women are more stressed today than ever before. From a work-life balance that seems irreparably out of whack... READ MORE
Social Media Anxiety in Teenage Girls vs Boys
Teens today live in a different world than their parents. According to Common Sense Media, 75% of all teenagers in... READ MORE
Why Zoom Calls Can Create Anxiety & How to Cope
As if COVID-19 and all its unknowns didn’t create enough anxiety for individuals of all ages, now working people and... READ MORE
Your Complete Guide to Zoom for Kids
Making the transition from the classroom to virtual learning on platforms like Zoom can have a steep learning curve and... READ MORE
Parents' Guide To Helping Anxious Kids With New Year's Resolutions
If you help your child make resolutions that are manageable and obtainable, you might see a surge of confidence in the... READ MORE
How To Successfully Set New Year's Resolutions If You Have Anxiety
The purpose of this guide is to help you, as an individual with anxiety, prepare an executable plan for the... READ MORE
How to Deal With Social Anxiety Triggered From Video Calls
Many people experience social anxiety when they are forced to engage in video conference calls or conversations. Fortunately, there are... READ MORE
Unexpected Effects of Too Much Screen Time In Children
Does screen time really warrant much concern from parents? Could it really be damaging to your child to spend hours... READ MORE
Adults & Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?
When we worry about excessive screen time, we probably picture kids watching tablets on cartoons all day or teenage gamers... READ MORE
Beginners Guide to Meditation: Practical Tips, Benefits & Techniques
Here’s a beginner’s guide to meditation, including practical tips, benefits and techniques you can use to get the most out... READ MORE
How to Use Mindfulness to Help Reduce Anxiety
The good news is that research shows us that there are several alternative approaches to combat anxiety, one of which... READ MORE

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