Thesis Nootropics vs Brillia for Increased Focus & Clarity

Thesis Nootropics vs Brillia for Increased Focus & Clarity

"There are a number of factors that may contribute to ADHD and hyperactive behavior, including genetics, the environment, or issues with the central nervous system"

Thesis Nootropics vs Brillia

Commonly used to enhance cognitive function, nootropics refer to a wide array of natural or synthetic substances that are thought to improve focus, memory, and motivation. Nootropics are diverse, ranging from a simple cup of coffee to the chemicals found in some stimulant ADHD drugs.  

Thesis is a brand of nootropics containing functional mushrooms, choline, vitamins, and adaptogens. The brand offers a variety of different blends to create what they call “personalized nootropic formulas” to give the customer what they need most, whether that’s more creativity, more energy, or more clarity.1  

If you’re curious about trying nootropics, explore the pros and cons associated with the Thesis product and find out how it measures up to a medication like Brillia 

Thesis Nootropics Pros & Cons

From ingredients to product efficacy, here are the pros and cons associated with Thesis nootropics:

Pro: Thesis has fewer side effects than stimulant ADHD drugs.

Many people take nootropic supplements to avoid the side effects associated with stimulant nootropics used to treat ADHD like Adderall or Ritalin. While stimulant ADHD drugs are helpful for many users, for many others, these prescription medications cause a range of undesirable side effects like insomnia, rapid heart rate, loss of appetite, dry mouth, and nausea. Stimulant drugs are also notorious for their addictive qualities and potential for abuse. 

Many reviewers of Thesis report that the products cause no adverse effects for them and users have a choice to eliminate caffeine from their formula if they choose to. However, other reviewers have cited nausea and insomnia as side effects.2 It’s also worth noting that nutritional supplements like Thesis are not regulated in the same way as medications, so users are taking the product at their own risk.

What about Brillia? 

Brillia is a non-prescription, non-stimulant homeopathic medication with clinical evidence to prove that it can help to reduce anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, inattention, and irritability. Free from harsh, synthetic chemicals, Brillia is not associated with any harmful side effects and has no contraindications with other medications or supplements. Unlike many prescription drugs, Brillia is not habit forming, it does not cause drowsiness, lethargy or depression, and it does not mask the personality. There are no weight changes associated with Brillia because the medication does not affect the appetite and should users decide to take a break, there are no “coming off” effects because Brillia does not alter blood chemistry. As a homeopathic medication, Brillia must adhere to strict FDA standards and regulations (e.g., for quality and labeling). They must also submit to a proper registration process detailing active ingredients and inactive ingredients in order to be allowed to be sold in the U.S. In fact, Brillia is so safe it can be taken by children as young as five as well as adults.

Con: There is not enough evidence to confirm Thesis works. 

Nootropics are often referred to as “smart drugs” because they are sold as cognitive enhancers, however there is simply not enough data to prove they work. Dr. Guillaume Fond, a psychiatrist with France’s Aix-Marseille University Medical School who has studied smart drugs and cognitive enhancement has warned potential users to be cautious. He tells TIME, “To date, there is no safe drug that may increase cognition in healthy adults,” while other medical experts have proposed exercise as a safer and more effective cognitive enhancer with the data to back it up.3, 4 

What about Brillia?

The substantive documentation provided to the FDA includes clinical trials and studies that prove Brillia’s efficacy in reducing symptoms associated with anxiety and ADHD. Clinical studies indicate that Brillia’s active ingredient, antibodies to the brain-specific S100B protein, has a “pronounced therapeutic effect” in patients with mild to moderate ADHD without any harmful side effects. Studies further prove that Brillia had a significantly better effect on the severity of anxiety over those that did not take Brillia, therefore proving Brillia’s efficacy.  

Pro: There are six formulas to choose from.

A unique aspect about Thesis compared to other brands of nootropics is that the company offers six distinct options to choose from. Because they believe that each customer has their own unique brain chemistry, they offer a complex process that allows customers to try a variety of different formulas to decide which works best for them. This process includes filling out a quiz and checking in with a complimentary wellness coach to further personalize their formula.

What about Brillia?

Brillia takes a precise and targeted approach to reducing ADHD symptoms and consequently enhancing focus and clarity by zeroing in on the S100-B protein. This protein is a key regulator of many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, such as enzyme activities, calcium homeostasis, and communication between neurons. Science-based methodologies confirm that almost all mental and neurological disorders as well as temporal stress-induced conditions are caused by a disturbance of these brain processes. Hence, normalizing them is a gentle and effective way to reinstate balance in mind and body. As a result of Brillia’s regulating effect, the levels of feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin also normalize.

Con: The money-back guarantee is only 30 days.

While the personalization process of Thesis can be beneficial for some, it can also be too lengthy for others. This can be an issue when considering that their money-back guarantee is only 30 days long. This may simply not be enough time to determine whether or not the product is actually working. With most supplements, it is usually recommended to use the products for 3-6 months before you can actually evaluate the results.

What about Brillia?

While quick fixes are appealing, they rarely work. That’s why we ask Brillia users to be patient with their results. The medication takes about three to four weeks to build up in the system, but we always suggest giving the product a full three months to decide whether or not it’s working. For this reason, we offer a 3-month program with steep discounts and a money-back guarantee (*Some restrictions apply.) for first-time users. The three-month program has the highest efficacy rate with current Brillia users.  

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No Prescription Required
No Harmful Side Effects
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Non Drowsy
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Improve focus and clarity.
Reduce anxiety,
irritability and impulsivity.

How Brillia Aids in ADHD & Hyperactivity  

There are a number of factors that may contribute to ADHD and hyperactive behavior, including genetics, the environment, or issues with the central nervous system. Some studies also show that hyperactive behavior can stem from an imbalance of the S100B protein.5

Unlike most prescription medications that aim to reduce symptoms as they arise, Brillia works to prevent symptoms altogether by targeting the source of the symptoms directly. While the antibody ingredient in Brillia works on targeting the S100B protein to stop the symptoms from arising, this mechanism is just one component of the product’s 5-Pillar methodology. Because we know that a number of factors contribute to ADHD symptoms, Brillia’s 5 Pillars comprise a number of healthy lifestyle changes that have also been proven to reduce symptoms and enhance focus, clarity, and balance. These include following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, reducing screen time, and practicing mindfulness techniques 

3 Main Benefits of Brillia 

In comparison to Thesis nootropics, three main benefits that may interest potential users include:

    1. Medication vs. supplement: Unlike nutritional supplements, Brillia is backed by clinical studies that support every claim that it makes.This doesn’t just mean that Brillia is safe. It almost means that Brillia works.  
    2. No harmful side effects: Brillia’s clinical studies and trials have proven that the medication is safe for both children and adults. There are no harsh synthetic chemicals used in the medication and Brillia is not habit forming; there is no risk of “coming off” effects should you decide to stop the medication. Brillia does not cause drowsiness, lethargy, or depression, and it does not mask the personality. The medication also has no effects on appetite, so there are no weight changes associated with it. Because Brillia is so gentle and specific, it has no effects on blood chemistry and causes no harmful interactions with other medications or supplements so you can add it to your regimen without worry.  
    3. A holistic approach: Targeting the S100B protein is a unique and groundbreaking approach to controlling these symptoms. But so is Brillia’s 5-Pillar methodology. By helping users adopt healthier lifestyle habits, Brillia sets them up with a long-term plan they can use when they decide to come off the medication in the future. 

Which One is Right for You?

Thesis is right in acknowledging that no two individuals are the same, so what works for one person may not work for another. Luckily Brillia’s 3-month supply gives you the power and flexibility to assess results over 120 days to decide if it’s the right choice for you.  

Find out more about how Brillia works and discover more resources on managing ADHD at the Brillia(nce) Resource Center.

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