Brillia for Adults
Reduce anxiety, impulsivity
and lack of focus.
Enhances clarity & improves focus
No prescription required
No harmful side effects
Easy-dissolve tablets
100% money back guarantee

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When it comes to your health, Brillia leaves nothing to chance. This challenge pointed us to gifted scientists, researchers and thinkers who are responsible for many of today’s breakthrough medicinal ideas. Together they developed a targeted, science-based formulation that’s helped millions of people.


Brillia combines antibody science and homeopathic formulation with unique & targeted ingredients. The approach is non-prescription, safe and yields consistently positive outcomes, without any harmful side effects. This is one of the aspects that makes Brillia stand apart from all other options.

5 Pillars

Addressing attention and anxiety challenges requires a holistic approach to maximize results, by making healthier lifestyle choices. That’s our mission. It begins with the 5 Pillars: taking Brillia, proper nutrition, adequate sleep, mindfulness & relaxation, and controlled screen time.

Teresa J. ~ Verified Buyer
This stuff really works

My crippling anxiety is gone. Like…literally this has given me my life back. My husband said he can see a big change in me. ❤

Julie G. ~ Verified Buyer
This is a wonderful effective safe supplement

My 13-year old IEP student has seen a total turn around in her ability to concentrate, self start and a sharp reduction of unwanted behaviors: quick anger oppositional, moodiness and whining…drastically eliminated on Brillia. ❤

Michelle ~ Verified Buyer
“I wished I had found this product sooner for my 8-year old daughter.”
Leslie C. ~ Verified Buyer
Natural makes a difference

My son used to take prescription stimulants that helped him focus at school but kept him from being his normal self. He also would get very angry when he didn’t get what he wanted. He has been on 3 pills of Brillia a day for over a month now and the differences are amazing.

Eva O. ~ Verified Buyer
Aggressiveness from Autism

I have seen a significant difference in aggression since beginning Brillia with my severely Autistic teen. I love Brillia because it’s homeopathic, no side effects, not sleepiness or zombie after effects.

Nicole T. ~ Verified Buyer
I’m very happy with Brillia

Within a week I saw a huge difference in my son’s attitude, behavior and also improvement in school with cooperation.

Tonya F. ~ Verified Buyer
Helped my daughter so much!

She takes it twice a day and calls it her “calm” pills. It helps with anxiety and attention. ❤

Gloria A. ~ Verified Buyer

This is amazing. My son has problems with focus, anger and hyperactivity. His teachers told me his behaviors have improved. He's more tranquil, focused and happy!

Sarah M. ~ Verified Buyer
I take it with my daughter

I have been taking it for almost a week now and at 34 it’s helped me a lot with my anxiety! My 9-year old and I take them together. She thinks it’s cool that we match. ❤

Anastasia ~ Verified Buyer
“I have realized how much good it really was doing. I just re-ordered.”
Jennifer R. ~ Verified Buyer
Best thing I’ve bought for my kiddos

My high schooler always is anxious and second guesses herself. She tells me she can tell the difference taking Brillia. ❤

Brillia is safe and impactful. A good thing to know. A good feeling to have.

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