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Why should I use Brillia?
Brillia is an impactful and safe non-prescription alternative to prescription pharmaceuticals and does not have harmful side effects. Brillia helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and/or hyperactivity/irritability, consequently helping improve attention and focus. Brillia is able to be used by children, teen and adults with a variety of diagnoses, or no official diagnoses at all, as long as they suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity.
How do I choose the right dosage?
Dosing is based on the severity of your symptoms as you would rate them: mild, moderate or severe. If you are not sure, we recommend you start with the moderate dosage. The doses should be taken daily and spread out as evenly as possible. Do not double up on a dose. It is okay if two doses end up being a little closer together.

What are the Brillia dosage instructions for children?
Brillia’s recommended dose depends on the severity of your child’s symptoms as you would rate them: moderate or severe. If you are not sure, we recommend you start with the moderate dosage, which means one pill in the morning, one mid-day and one in the evening at least 2 hours before bedtime. Moderate and severe require 3 doses spread out as evenly as possible throughout the day. We understand that can be a bit challenging with the school schedule. However, it is still recommended to take 3 doses even if two of them might end up being a little closer together (instead of doubling up on a dose). So we recommend one dose in the morning, one as soon after school as possible, and one about 2 hours before bedtime.

How do I choose Brillia for Children vs. Brillia for Adults?
Brillia for Children is for ages 5 to 18, and Brillia for Adults is for 18 years and older. For those under the age of 18 we recommend the children’s version. Both products have the same ingredients, but the adult version has a much stronger formulation, so it’s better for minors to use the children’s version to allow for more incremental dosing changes.

When will I see results from using Brillia?
Brillia is a gentle product and has a cumulative effect. Some notice a difference after the first 2-3 weeks of starting Brillia and for others it can take longer. So we recommend that you be consistent and patient and give it the full 3 months to evaluate results.

What are the tablets like?
Brillia is a small (lentil-sized) white tablet without any added flavors, sugars or colors. Some say it’s even a little sweet. It’s easy-dissolve and is recommended to put it on your tongue like a tic tac or cough drop and let is dissolve.

How do I give 3 doses with the school schedule?
The 3 doses should be spread out as evenly as possible throughout the day, even if two doses end up being a little closer together (do not double up on a dose). So one dose in the morning, one as soon after school as possible, and one about 2 hours before bedtime.

Do I need to take the 4th month off?
Our studies show the highest efficacy with the regimen of 3-months on and 1-month off. Symptoms should not return during the 4th month, because Brillia usually continues to stay in the system after using Brillia for 3 months. And then you can start another 3 months on. If you are going to try taking the 4th month off, it is important evaluate how you or your child do during this month to decide if it’s a good choice for you. Some are afraid to stop during the fourth month, worried that the symptoms will come back. And for some the symptoms do return, in which case skipping the 4th month is not recommended, and you should continue taking Brillia monthly as soon as you notice any regression. There is no harm in continuing on without stopping if that is what works best for you or your child. There are also no side effects to taking or stopping Brillia. 

Are there any harmful side effects to taking Brillia?
Brillia is not habit forming, it does not cause drowsiness or depression, and it does not mask the personality, it does not affect appetite, does not cause weight loss and has no contraindications with any other supplements or medications, so you can add it to the regimen without worry. Brillia has lactose, but it is gluten free and nut free.

Does Brillia contain gluten?
No – Brillia is gluten free.

Can Brillia be taken with other supplements or prescription medications?
Brillia has no contraindications with other supplements or medications, so you can add it to the regimen without worry.

What happens if I forget to take Brillia on regular basis?
Brillia is a gentle product and has a cumulative effect so all the doses need to be taken every day consistently to build up in the system and to maintain a steady flow of the product into the system to achieve and maintain results. There are no harmful side effects if a dose is missed—but it may lessen the efficacy if too many doses are missed.

How can the results of Brillia be maximized?
Brillia is most effective when paired with the implementation of our five pillars. We recommend a holistic approach and encourage adults, parents and children to include healthier lifestyle choices in this process including ways to improve nutrition, getting a better night's sleep, practicing mindfulness/relaxation techniques and controlling screen time. We have lots of advice in blogs from parents and professionals on our website with recommendations on how to achieve these. They are more geared toward younger children, but they can definitely help adults as well. Here is the link:
For adults, it’s never too late to modify lifestyle choices for the better. These can have an impactful effect on these symptoms. And for children and teens, the goal is that as the child matures, they will make these healthier lifestyle choices a habit and start to learn behavioral ways to help control their symptoms and need less and less of a product. But even if they do, Brillia can continue to offer them this additional support for as long as they need it, without harmful side effects.
Where is Brillia manufactured?
Brillia is manufactured in a plant named Santonika — a GMP-certified and high-quality, well-equipped manufacturing facility located in Kaunas, Lithuania. Their manufacturing lines are equipped with well-known and renowned producers such as Bosch, IMA, CAM, Ulhman and Marchesini.
Is Brillia regulated by the FDA?
Homeopathic non-prescription over-the-counter products such as Brillia are regulated somewhat differently than other drug products.  Homeopathic drugs are required to provide substantive documentation with clinical trials and studies of the claims that the product makes, abide by FDA standards and regulations (e.g., for quality and labeling), and go through a proper registration process detailing active ingredients and inactive ingredients in order to be allowed to be sold in the U.S.
Do you offer any samples?
Brillia is a gentle product and has a cumulative effect. Some parents notice a difference after the first 2-3 weeks of starting Brillia and for others it can take longer. Therefore, samples do not give a good indication of the potential efficacy of Brillia which is why we ask that you be consistent and patient and give it the full 3 months to see results. Brillia’s 3-month bundles offer the biggest savings as well as free shipping. To give our parents the peace of mind to commit to the 3-month program, we offer a full money back guarantee, so if you are not satisfied with the results after 3 months we will give you a full refund, even if you use all the product.
Is Brillia covered by my health insurance?
Because Brillia is a non-prescription product we do not have any arrangement with insurance for payment. If you have a health savings account (HSA) you can purchase Brillia using it. 
What do I do if my child takes more than the recommended maximum dose?
It is recommended to not take any more Brillia for that day and to drink lots of fluids to flush the extra medication out of the system. We recommend keeping Brillia in a safe place that your child cannot access and checking with your pediatrician if you have any questions about a specific health condition.
Why is Brillia only sold online?
Brillia is only sold directly to consumers through our website so that we can offer you bundles for best pricing, a subscription program once you try Brillia and decide to continue and a 100% money-back guarantee. You can purchase it here:
How long do I continue to take Brillia?
You can continue the treatment cycle as long as you feel you need it. It all depends on how your child’s system matures and how well they learn to control the symptoms without taking Brillia. This is why the program includes paying attention to nutrition, mindfulness/relaxation techniques, making sure they are getting adequate sleep and controlling screen time. All of these factors play a role in helping control the symptoms. We have lots of advice in blogs from parents and professionals on our website with recommendations on how to achieve these. Here is the link:

What are the drug facts and ingredients of Brillia?
Brillia’s unique active ingredient is targeted to regulate the activity of the S-100 protein to reduce feelings of anxiety, hyperactivity and stress to help improve focus and attention. Learn more here.

What is the science behind Brillia?
Brillia is a unique combination of antibody science and homeopathic formulation. You can learn why and how Brillia works by visiting:

What is Brillia’s active ingredient?
The active ingredient of Brillia is antibodies to the brain specific S100 protein (S100B). This protein is an important regulator of many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, e.g. various enzymes activities, calcium homeostasis, communication between neurons, etc. Since almost all mental and neurological diseases as well as temporal stress-induced conditions are accompanied by disturbance of the above-mentioned processes, especially communication between neurons, the normalization of these processes is considered to be a prospective way to treat people with such undesirable conditions. Brillia is an antibody conjugated to the S100B protein and does not alter the concentration of the S100B protein in the bloodstream. Brillia's efficacy stems from its ability to regulate the activity of the S100B protein and does not alter its concentration. In order for a protein to have an effect in the body, it needs to bind to its target, such as an enzyme. Proteins have very specific conformations that ensure that only the correct protein binds to the correct target molecule. Once the protein correctly orients itself into the active site of the target molecule, this is when the protein causes an effect in the body. When Brillia binds to the S100B protein, the overall shape of the protein is altered, hindering its ability to bind to its target molecule and thereby controlling its activity in the body. In short, Brillia stops the S100B protein from acting in the body by changing its shape, consequently regulating levels of anxiety and hyperactivity and consequently helping improve focus, attention and emotional regulation.

Shipping & Returns:
All orders placed by 12 pm PST are shipped the same afternoon on weekdays. All bundles and subscription orders offer free shipping. We offer a full money back guarantee if you are not happy with the results for any reason. Learn more here.

What is a 100% money back guarantee?
If you are not satisfied with the results of Brillia or if you have any issues taking Brillia, we will give you a refund. We hope that this will encourage you to stay patient and consistent and give it the full 3 months to see the maximum potential results Brillia can offer.

How can I get free shipping?
We offer free shipping on all bundles and subscription orders.

When will I receive my order?
All orders placed before 12 pm PST are shipped the same weekday afternoon. You will receive a separate email once your order is shipped with your tracking number.
How can I track my order?
You will receive an email when your order has shipped with the tracking number so that you can keep an eye on when it will be delivered.

What are your policies and information about Brillia Subscriptions?
Brillia Subscriptions are available to help you save time and money, with no subscription fees or long-term commitments. We make it easy to skip or cancel directly online without penalties. Please look at our subscription FAQs for detailed information: Brillia Subscriptions
How do I manage my subscription account?
Please look for an email titled “Customer Account Activation” that was sent to your email. Please click on the link in the email To ACTIVATE your account. You will then be prompted to add a password. Once this has been completed, you will receive a confirmation email that your account has been set up.
What if I did not receive an account activation email?
Please email us at and we will send you another email to activate your account.
How do I change my shipping address or credit card information?
You can update your address or credit card information by logging in to your subscription account. Please make sure that you have activated your account first.  
Can I skip my next order or pause my subscription?
Yes, you can skip or pause your order at any time before the subscription renewal date by logging into your subscription account. You will receive an email 3 days prior to your order being processed as a reminder. You can also always email and we will help you make any changes you need.

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