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Brillia 5 Pillars: Adequate Sleep
The brain depends on a solid night’s sleep to re-energize the cells in your brain, regulate mood, and provide needed... READ MORE
Your Complete Guide to Weighted Blankets
Popularized in the late ‘90s by occupational therapist Tina Champagne, weighted blankets have been used as sleep aids and calming... READ MORE
How To Manage Stress & Anxiety Levels While Working From Home
Working from home can be its own kind of stressful, especially when you also have kids calling into school remotely... READ MORE
How to Coach Parents on the Importance of a Sleep Schedule
Professionals who work with the parents of children with attention issues have all heard this story. Do you have a... READ MORE
How to Make a DIY Weighted Anxiety Blanket
For people who struggle with anxiety, insomnia or attention challenges, weighted blankets may provide a safe tool to help relieve... READ MORE
8 Tips to Help Sleep Anxiety in Children
Lack of sleep can affect many aspects of a child's life, from how well they pay attention to how effectively... READ MORE
What Time Should My Kids Go to Bed?
It’s bedtime! These three little words can be the source of nightly chaos. Chances are bedtime is a struggle for... READ MORE
Important Things You Should Know About Bedwetting
Bedwetting is a concern that millions of families struggle with every night. Medical professionals refer to bedwetting as “enuresis” when... READ MORE
6 Yoga Poses Kids Can Do for Better Sleep
Yoga before bedtime works like a miracle. Your kids can do yoga for better sleep, but some poses may energize... READ MORE
10 Bedtime Snacks for Better Sleep
Getting adequate rest is key in reducing anxiety and regulating attention in children. Hunger is a common cause of interrupted sleep,... READ MORE
The Dark Side of Sleep Deprivation in Teens and Children
Imagine waking up with the sun, going to school, participating in extracurricular activities, doing at least 45 minutes of homework, squeezing in... READ MORE
Teenage Nutrition: How to Grocery Shop with Your Child
Discussing your teenager’s nutritional options with them is likely to evoke a little eye rolling. Although challenging, giving advice about... READ MORE
Waking Up Kids to Avoid Anxiety
How you wake children from sleep can impact their day and psychological health. Waking up children in ways that don’t... READ MORE
Are Genetics to Blame for My Child’s Anxiety?
A young mother is sitting in my office, tearfully wondering aloud, “Is it my fault that my daughter worries so... READ MORE
6 Ways to Help Your Child Fall Asleep
Getting adequate sleep and waking up feeling well-rested sounds simple, right? Falling asleep fast isn’t so easy, and it’s often a source... READ MORE
How I Weaned My Child Off Video Games
Video games quietly took up residence in my home over the summer. It started out innocently enough when my teenage... READ MORE
How Much Sleep Do Kids Really Need? [Infographic]
If you’ve wondered how much sleep do kids really need, you’re not alone. There are multiple factors that play a... READ MORE
How to Help a Child with Anxiety [Flowchart]
Is your child, or a child you know, suffering from childhood anxiety? The five pillars of Brillia are designed to... READ MORE
Transforming a Child’s Bedroom into an Anxiety-Free Space
Everyone needs a safe haven that is calm and quiet, especially a child experiencing anxiety. Your child’s bedroom can be... READ MORE
How to Spot, Ease & Prevent Night Terrors in Children
Parents of children who struggle with night terrors know all too well how upsetting the experience can be for the... READ MORE
How I Helped My Child Overcome Sleep Anxiety
When I think about my child’s first six months of life, it’s difficult not to think about my own sleepiness,... READ MORE

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