You Asked, We Answered: Do Doctors Recommend Brillia?

You Asked, We Answered: Do Doctors Recommend Brillia?

"As more research emerges about the connection between the S100B protein and symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety, we are confident more patients will benefit from Brillia with their doctor’s support."

Brillia has helped thousands of children, teens, and adults manage symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, and inattention with our holistic approach. Satisfied customers call Brillia a “lifesaver” and a “game changer,” but what do doctors think? Do they recommend Brillia for adults and kids?

Read on to find out how Brillia works as a homeopathic ADHD and anxiety medication, what doctors say about the product, and what you can expert when starting the medication.

Brillia for Anxiety & ADHD: Overview 

Brillia is a non-prescription homeopathic medication clinically proven to reduce symptoms linked to ADHD and anxiety without harsh, synthetic chemicals or harmful side effects. Its active ingredient consists of specialized antibodies that target the brain-specific S100B protein to control symptoms like stress, irritability, hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity.

A unique aspect about Brillia is that it is part of a holistic approach called the 5 Pillars. The medication is designed to work in tandem with science-backed lifestyle habits proven to naturally reduce the symptoms mentioned above. These habits include proper nutrition, adequate sleep, controlled screen time, and mindfulness. The philosophy behind this holistic approach is simple: As you pursue these healthy behaviors with Brillia’s support, they will become habitual over time. When you’ve mastered these habits and they’ve become automatic, you will eventually need less medicinal support, although you can continue to take Brillia as long as you need to without experiencing any adverse effects.

Brillia can help those who have been diagnosed with a variety of conditions including ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, ODD, autism, or just anxiety, although no official diagnosis is needed to take the medication. There are two formulations: Brillia for Children & Teens aged 5-18 and Brillia for Adults.

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Doctor Reviews of Brillia

Many pediatricians, psychiatrists, neurologists, neuropsychologists and counselors support the use of Brillia. Some of our customers tell us they heard about Brillia from their doctor, although no prescription is necessary to use the medication. 

Mental health counselor Maddie Spear, MSW, LCSW has been vocal about her experience using Brillia for increased clarity, less irritability, and less restlessness. One thing that sets Brillia apart from prescription drugs is its lack of side effects, including dependency. Maddie points this out in her review, stating: “It wasn’t habit forming, so I didn’t feel like I needed to take it every day; I wanted to take it.” 

And therapist Jaynaya Barlow, LMSW, MRT has found great success giving Brillia to her 11-year-old son, calling the medication a “lifesaver” for her family with “no negative side effects.” She saw a difference in her son’s concentration and anxiety after just two months of taking the medication.

As more research emerges about the connection between the S100B protein and symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety, we are confident more patients will benefit from Brillia with their doctor’s support.1 

What are Brillia’s Ingredients?

Brillia consists of antibodies to the brain-specific S100B protein, a key regulator of various intracellular and extracellular brain processes. This protein is an established marker of glial function, which refers to communication between neurons. Studies have shown that the neuroinflammation associated with ADHD can significantly alter glial cell activity and variations of S100B levels are connected to a range of neuropsychiatric diseases and conditions.2 These include ADHD, anxiety, panic, and depression.3

By regulating the activity of the S100B protein, Brillia reduces symptoms of ADHD and anxiety while simultaneously normalizing the level of monoamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin) in different parts of the brain. Prescription ADHD and anxiety meds also  target these neurotransmitters, but Brillia can achieve these effects gently and impactfully without affecting any other systems in the body, causing drowsiness, nausea, headaches, or masking the personality.

Do Homeopathic Focus Pills Work?

There are numerous non-prescription products on the market today claiming to increase focus. While some of these supplements work better than others, it's important to remember that many of these products do not have clinical studies or science supporting the claims they make. There may also be harmful interactions if you are already taking other medications or supplements.  

Homeopathic non-prescription over-the-counter products such as Brillia are regulated somewhat differently than other drug product. Homeopathic drugs are required to provide substantive documentation with clinical trials and studies of the claims that the product makes, abide by FDA standards and regulations (e.g., for quality and labeling), and go through a proper registration process detailing active ingredients and inactive ingredients in order to be allowed to be sold in the U.S. Brillia also needs to be produced in GMP-certified and FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Brillia is associated with no harmful side effects and has no contraindications; this means if you are already taking prescription medication or supplements, you can add it to your regimen without worry. 

In a double-blind, randomized placebo-controlled study of Brillia, the medication was found to have a “pronounced therapeutic effect in patients with mild to moderate ADHD.”4 Brillia helps “neutralize” clinical manifestations of behavior and attention disturbances, including hyperactivity, behavioral disorders, and cognitive deficit, while improving school performance and reducing anxiety severity. In conclusion, the study authors found Brillia can be successful as a monotherapy for children with ADHD.

Are there Negative Side Effects to Brillia? 

There are no harmful side effects associated with Brillia. In the study cited above, side effects were rare, but included headaches and impaired glucose intolerance (Brillia does contain lactose). However, the side effects were considered mild and did not require drug discontinuation or administration of other drugs.

Do Doctors Prescribe Brillia? 

As a homeopathic medication, Brillia does not require a prescription or official diagnosis from a doctor. The medication can be purchased directly through the website and there is a money-back guarantee (*Some restrictions apply.) for first time buyers. 

Brillia: The Final Verdict 

Clinically validated, backed by science, and positively reviewed by satisfied customers and mental health professionals, Brillia is a preferred alternative to prescription medication for anxiety and ADHD symptoms. Although prescription drugs have helped many adults and children manage their symptoms effectively, we recommend seeing these pharmaceuticals as a last resort after other options have been explored first. Find out more about how Brillia can be that option for you or your family.

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