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Brillia 5 Pillars: Controlled Screen Time
Not only does screen time take away from our personal and quality time, studies show it increases anxiety and restlessness.... READ MORE
6 Extracurricular Activities for Children with Anxiety
Screens and technology become more integrated into our children's worlds while anxiety and depression rates skyrocket among teens and adults.... READ MORE
7 Ways To Reduce Screen Time Before Bed & Why It Matters
Learn how to reduce screen time before bed and why it’s important for promoting better sleep. READ MORE
”Zoom Fatigue“ Symptoms, Causes & Solutions
-Zoom users jumped from about 10 million users in December of 2019 to more than 300 million users just five... READ MORE
Unexpected Effects of Too Much Screen Time In Children
Does screen time really warrant much concern from parents? Could it really be damaging to your child to spend hours... READ MORE
Adults & Screen Time: How Much is Too Much?
When we worry about excessive screen time, we probably picture kids watching tablets on cartoons all day or teenage gamers... READ MORE
Screen Time & Anxiety in Children: An Informative Guide
Many studies have been done on the effects of various types of media on developing brains, characters, and eyes. What... READ MORE
How To Manage Stress & Anxiety Levels While Working From Home
Working from home can be its own kind of stressful, especially when you also have kids calling into school remotely... READ MORE
Internet Safety Tips for Teens
You and your teenager use the Internet in two entirely different ways. You go online to check email or social... READ MORE
Why Do Kids Have Imaginary Friends?
It may be disconcerting the first time your child high-fives their an imaginary friend or engages in a full-blown conversation... READ MORE
How Social Media Affects Teens
It seems everyone is on social media these days, and there’s a reason for that. Social media platforms and apps... READ MORE
6 Best Books for Kids with Anxiety
When your child opens a book, she’s opening the door to a world of imagination. Once inside, she can fight... READ MORE
The Benefits of Active Listening Exercises for Kids
Does the old saying “it went in one ear and out the other” apply to your child’s ability to hear... READ MORE
7 DIY Projects for Teens With Anxiety
Your teen may have long forgotten the joy of coloring, getting messy with paints or passing the time with any... READ MORE
6 Ways to Help Your Child Fall Asleep
Getting adequate sleep and waking up feeling well-rested sounds simple, right? Falling asleep fast isn’t so easy, and it’s often a source... READ MORE
How I Weaned My Child Off Video Games
Video games quietly took up residence in my home over the summer. It started out innocently enough when my teenage... READ MORE
Effects of Videogames on the Brain & Child Development
Playing video games can affect child and teen development both positively and negatively. Video games can help children develop problem-solving... READ MORE
How to Help a Child with Anxiety [Flowchart]
Is your child, or a child you know, suffering from childhood anxiety? The five pillars of Brillia are designed to... READ MORE
Parental Control: Tricks to Monitoring Screen Time for Kids
Screen time has been shown to increase restlessness and anxiety in children, impact sleep quality and quantity, and contribute to temper tantrums and... READ MORE
School Anxiety: Popular Causes & How to Overcome Them
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, approximately eight percent of children and teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder, making... READ MORE
5 Mindfulness Apps for Kids with Anxiety
For kids dealing with anxiety, tools and techniques that promote mindfulness and a state of calm can be life-changing. Unlike... READ MORE

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