Why Brillia

A sustainable and unique easy-to-take product that makes sense on so many levels.

Brillia is the safe, impactful option to help reduce anxiety, stress, hyperactivity and irritability and to improve focus, attention and emotional regulation. Brillia stands apart from prescription pharmaceuticals, supplements and other products with a unique targeted active ingredient and proven results in an over-the-counter easy-dissolve tablet.

Verified by science, clinical studies and approved by the toughest critics you’ll find anywhere…moms 🙂

  • Enhances clarity & improves focus

    Brillia is specifically formulated to help reduce symptoms of anxiety, irritability and hyperactivity. The results you achieve are quite significant — improved attention and focus, and mental clarity. Combined with our proven, 5 pillar program, Brillia delivers a science-based and holistic solution for you and your family.

  • No prescription required

    In fact, no official diagnosis is required. Anyone with symptoms can benefit. Our products are easily accessible online. Choose the dosage based on the severity of the symptoms. Subscribe and save even more. Cancel anytime.

  • No harmful side effects

    Brillia’s active ingredient is an antibody specifically targeted to bind to the protein (S-100B) that manifests the symptoms of anxiety, stress and irritability and results in a lack of focus and attention. For this reason, Brillia does not affect other systems or functions. It doesn’t cause drowsiness. It does not affect appetite or weight. It does not blur your personality.

  • Easy-dissolve tablets

    Our team of scientists chose a delivery system that is simple and effective. Brillia tablets dissolve easily in the mouth. They have no added flavor, color or sugars. Daily dosages can be adjusted based on the severity of the symptoms. And the cumulative effect in the body helps maintain the results that you are looking for.

  • Money back guarantee

    Scientific outcomes supported by studies prove our products will do in practice what we promise on the box. It says parents, children and adults can trust us. If there’s any reason that you’re not satisfied with Brillia, we’ll refund your money. Some restrictions apply.

  • No detail is overlooked when it comes to ensuring that Brillia is produced with quality standards.