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How To Help Your Anxious Child and Productively Work From Home With Kids
 With schools and offices closing due to the coronavirus, parents are adjusting to a work from home lifestyle while balancing... READ MORE
Working From Home, Coping With Anxiety: Tips For Success
As the coronavirus continues to spread, offices are shutting down and switching to working from home models. This can be... READ MORE
How to Make a Weighted Blanket for Anxiety
For people who struggle with anxiety, insomnia or attention challenges, weighted blankets may provide a safe tool to help relieve... READ MORE
How to Use Guided Sleep Meditation for Kids
Sufficient, restful sleep is incredibly important for every kid, but for those with anxiety, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder or focus problems,... READ MORE
Can Gluten Cause Anxiety?
Nearly 20 years ago, when a friend was told by her doctor that she needed to cut gluten out of... READ MORE
The 6 Best Food to Eat Before a Test
What children eat can have a profound effect on their brain function, especially when they’re preparing for a high-pressure experience... READ MORE
How to Stop Stress Eating
Have you noticed your child turning to food in times of emotional distress? Do they seem to reward themselves with... READ MORE
How to Help a Child Focus in the Classroom
by Amy Smith In order to be successful learners, children must be able to focus in class. After all, if... READ MORE
Harnessing the Gifts of Children with Attention Disorders
As a child, my mother would vex about how my "head was in the clouds" and how I needed to... READ MORE
4 Attachment Styles in Children & What it Means for Their Anxiety
The bond between children and their parents or caregivers (also called attachment) occurs in different ways for different kids. Psychologists... READ MORE
The Inevitable Link Between Anxiety and Divorce
Divorce can be tough on parents, but it’s even harder on their children. There’s no question that divorce causes significant... READ MORE
How ASMR Mean Can Help with Your Child’s Anxiety & Focus
Your child spends countless hours watching ASMR videos on YouTube. You’ve overheard conversations with her friends about the Instagram clips... READ MORE
Should You Homeschool a Child With Anxiety?
Ensuring a sound education for your child ranks up there with meeting their basic needs. You stress over their academic... READ MORE
5 Signs of Stress in Children
Your day consists of bills to pay, appointments to schedule, activities to attend, and meals to plan. So, when your... READ MORE
5 Ways to Sneak More Water in Your Child's Diet
Water Intake and Anxiety: Is There a Connection?While it's common knowledge that consuming water is necessary for bodies to function... READ MORE
Is Kombucha Safe for Kids?
What Is Kombucha?An ancient fermented beverage, kombucha has been around for centuries, if not millennia; no one seems to know... READ MORE
4 Different Parenting Styles and How They Can Trigger Anxiety
What type of parent are you? In the field of psychology, experts today recognize four different parenting styles: authoritarian, authoritative,... READ MORE
Selective Mutism: What to Do When Your Child Stops Communicating
You hear your child talk and laugh all the time at home, but their teacher is baffled by their total... READ MORE
My Child Was Diagnosed With an Attention Disorder...Now What?
The realization that my kid had what's referred to in medical circles as an attention deficit disorder was greeted with... READ MORE
How to Help Your Child Deal with Dental Anxiety
Nervous about dental visits? Your kid may be, too! Up to 20 percent of children experience anxiety about visits to... READ MORE
6 Random Acts of Kindness Kids Can Do
You know that teaching your child about kindness is important. But with a hectic life, kindness lessons can get lost... READ MORE

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