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Temper Tantrums in Elementary School Kids: How to Better Manage Them & When There May be a Bigger Issue
- "In many cases, the older child has difficulty controlling their impulses and hasn’t yet developed adequate skills to manage... READ MORE
Can Kids be Born with ADHD?
- "Genetic studies show there is a 91 percent likelihood of passing the disorder to your children" - From vaccine... READ MORE
2023 New Year’s Resolutions to Improve Productivity & Focus in the New Year
- "Studies show that goals are more likely to be met when you establish clear targets and you take small steps... READ MORE
Teen Mental Health Crisis: Why Mental Health Issues with Teenagers are on the Rise & What to do About it as a Parent
- "In many cases, unaddressed depression and anxiety get worse over time" - We’re in the middle of a teenage... READ MORE
Talking to Your Child About Anxiety: What to Do & What Not to Do
- "Taking Brillia is just one facet of our holistic approach, which encourages healthy lifestyle habits as a foundation for... READ MORE
The Connection Between Anger, Anxiety & Irritability: What These Feelings Mean & How to Reduce Them
- "The health impacts of being quick to anger, overly anxious, and constantly irritated are similar to those of being... READ MORE
7 Ways to Set Healthy Boundaries for Stress Management & Anxiety
- "Setting boundaries is even more difficult for women, who often feel the pressure to overperform due to gender, cultural or... READ MORE
Sugar & ADHD: Does Sugar Really Affect ADHD Symptoms?
- "Even if you may be trying to avoid obvious sugars like candy bars or soft drinks, you may not... READ MORE
How & Why Individuals With ADHD Can Experience Heightened Emotions
- "Signs of emotional dysregulation vary, but may include low frustration tolerance, irritability, overreacting, mood swings, and feeling unable to... READ MORE
Managing Motherhood and a Full-Time Job with ADHD
- "Studies show that people who practice self-care have less stress and higher quality of life" - Motherhood is a full-time... READ MORE
How to Add Brillia if You are Already Using Prescription Medications
- “With no harmful side effects or contraindications, Brillia can be added to your regimen without causing any dangerous interactions or complications.” -... READ MORE
OCD & Anxiety in Teens: How to Identify if Your Teen is Struggling & Ways to Cope
- "Stigma may cause them to think of themselves as unloveable and unintelligent, leading them to self-isolate or harm themselves"... READ MORE
Why Drug Stores are Refusing to Fulfill Online Prescriptions for Anxiety & ADHD
- "...But one major reason prescriptions are denied is because the pharmacy questions the provider’s legitimacy" - Though online pharmacies... READ MORE
Back-to-School Anxiety? 6 Tips for Helping Ease Your Child‘s Anxiety this School Year
- “While many kids worry about these things leading up to the school year, most feel settled within the first... READ MORE
How to Choose the Dosage for Brillia for Children & Adults
- “Brillia can be a useful addition to prescription medication because it can help reduce secondary symptoms brought on by... READ MORE
Colors of the Rainbow Short Meditations
These short meditations are inspired by grounding techniques and knowledge pertaining to the seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of... READ MORE
Brillia vs SSRIs for Generalized Anxiety Disorder: How They Work & When To Use These Medications
- Though helpful for many, SSRIs are associated with a range of side effects, including drowsiness, nervousness, headaches, and weight... READ MORE
Brillia for Children Success Story
WATCH NOW > “I’m the mother of a 16-year old boy who has no official diagnosis. However during the COVID shutdown... READ MORE
What To Do If A Teacher Suggests Your Child Should Be Medicated for ADD/ADHD
- "...many childhood behaviors can mimic or exacerbate the symptoms of ADHD, such as excessive screen use or a poor diet, and there... READ MORE
Brillia vs Ritalin: A Comparison Guide for ADHD Symptom Management
- "Brain imaging studies have proven that people with ADHD have weaker function and structure of prefrontal cortex circuits, leading to... READ MORE
Brillia vs Vyvanse: What are the Differences?
- "Brain imaging studies have proven that when a person is on a stimulant medication, there's increased metabolic activity in... READ MORE

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