A Homeopathic Way to
Reduce Hyperactivity
& Anxiety in Children & Teens
Brillia helps to improve attention & focus.
No side effects, non-drowsy, & non-habit forming.
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For children struggling with attention and anxiety issues, every day can be a challenge. As a parent, it's easy to feel lost and overwhelmed by the options offered — pharmaceuticals with possible side effects, or ineffective supplements.

Brillia provides a new hope. Through its homeopathic approach, it addresses the root cause. It helps your child take care of the source of their anxiety and hyperactivty so their true personality can shine through.

Making Lifestyle Changes

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Why Brillia


Brillia’s scientifically based formula has been proven to improve clarity and focus in children. It works and we have the parent feedback and testimonials to back it.


It takes a village when your child is struggling with anxiety. We provide a full range of resources in our 5 Pillars of guided health to help you navigate reducing anxiety symptoms and improving attention and focus in your children.


Brillia is not habit forming, and does not cause drowsiness. It is a small easy-dissolve pill with no artificial flavor — so it’s very easy to take. No prescription necessary, so you can get started today!


The Five Pillars of Brillia

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Brillia is fostering a community of parents helping parents. So ask questions, find solutions, and share your own stories and solutions.

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