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4 Clever Ways to Integrate Relaxation Techniques into Your Child’s Day
Addressing health concerns often follows a single path. A patient visits the doctor, is prescribed a treatment plan and accepts... READ MORE
Sugar: The Most Damaging Part of Our Food
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How the S-100 Protein Affects Your Child's Ability to Focus, and What You Can Do About It
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Holistic vs. Traditional Pharmaceuticals for Attention Issues: Pros and Cons
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Natural Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better
Bedtime can sometimes feel like a battle, especially when you have children with attention and anxiety issues. Overstimulation during the... READ MORE
15 Trigger Foods to Avoid if Your Child has Trouble Sitting Still
Having an active child is challenging in itself—but having a hyperactive child is another ball game entirely. But did you... READ MORE
Why Is Screen Time Bad for Kids? What You Need to Know
Children today grow up with screens in easy reach, from televisions and computers to tablets and smartphones. These devices often... READ MORE
My Child with Attention Issues Can’t Sleep. What Can I Do?
As a parent, it’s hard for everyone when your child can’t sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for children with attention... READ MORE

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