Tips for Coping with Work From Home Anxiety

Anxiety Working from Home

As the coronavirus continues to spread, offices are shutting down and switching to working from home models. This can be a big lifestyle change, and it’s normal to feel increased anxiety as you get adjusted. Below are some tips for how to work from home with anxiety.

1. Create A Daily Schedule

Even though you aren’t commuting to the office, it’s important to stick to your usual schedule so that your brain will flow into work mode. Do what you would if you were actually going to work. Get dressed, do your morning routine, and set a time for your work to begin and end. Establishing this daily routine will help you feel more in control of the day. 

Create a to-do list at the beginning of each work day, and break down each task step by step. This is important to do for bigger tasks, so that even if they don’t get completed that day, you still feel accomplished. Seeing all your tasks written out will also help you hold yourself accountable.

2. Create A Positive Work Environment

Find a space in your home for your work to take place. Clear your workspace of any distractions, keeping only the necessities within eyesight. Make sure your workspace faces away from any clutter in the room that may distract you, and avoid rooms with lots of noise or distractions.

3. Take Time to Meditate at Home

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Meditating at home can be a great way to clear your mind at the start and end of your work day. Practice simple deep breathing exercises to relieve anxiety or use a meditation app to guide you. 

4. Use Natural Calming Remedies

Aromatherapy is a great way to stay calm and collected throughout your day. Essential oils such as chamomile, sage, and lavender are beneficial for anxiety and help the mind and body relax. Try following Brillia’s Five Pillars program during and after work to promote an anxiety-free lifestyle.

5. Create A Work-Home Balance

Make sure you’re keeping chores and other at home tasks separate from your work day. Plan a different time to get those tasks done, or take a break from work to do them at a specific time each day. Try to keep your phone away from your workspace if possible, or put it on airplane mode to avoid getting distracting notifications. If you are struggling with getting distracted, set a timer for tasks and breaks to keep yourself on track.

Be kind to yourself as you adjust to working from home. Remember to practice self-care techniques and check in on how you’re feeling before your workday begins. Try Brillia’s holistic approach to anxiety and stress relief with our Five Pillars program to encourage healthier lifestyle choices. Using these tips, your anxiety can become more manageable as you adjust to the changes that accompany working from home. If you still need a little more support, consider using a non-prescription product that is safe and impactful without the harmful side effects of prescription medications, such as Brillia for Adults.

Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash
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