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From Camp to College: Tips for Helping Kids with Separation Anxiety
Leaving the family nest at different stages of life is challenging not only for children but for parents as well.... READ MORE
Art Activities for Kids That They'll Enjoy as Much as TV
In a world dominated by technology, it can be a challenge to pull children away from the television and cultivate... READ MORE
5 Vegetables Studies Show Are Best for You & Your Child
We tell our kids to do it. Our doctors tell us to do it. Even the United States government is... READ MORE
Talking to Other Parents About Alternative Treatment Options for Attention and Anxiety Issues
Alternative treatment options for attention and anxiety issues continue to grow in popularity. More people are opening up about the... READ MORE
Family Nutrition: Setting a Good Example for Your Kids
The task of feeding a family, day in and day out, can be like navigating an obstacle course: picky eaters,... READ MORE
The Balance of Nature and Nurture in Child Behavior & Development
When I first heard, as a college student, that criminal behavior was more strongly linked to kids’ biological parents than... READ MORE
How to Spot, Ease & Prevent Night Terrors in Children
Parents of children who struggle with night terrors know all too well how upsetting the experience can be for the... READ MORE
How I Helped My Child Overcome Sleep Anxiety
When I think about my child’s first six months of life, it’s difficult not to think about my own sleepiness,... READ MORE
Temper Tantrums: How to Handle a Screaming Child
You’re eating dinner when it happens. A fork flies across the table. The culprit is your screaming child in the... READ MORE
The Power of Puppets: Using Playtime to Improve Social Skills
Most kids are shy about expressing their feelings. And when other children are present, it can seem even harder. A... READ MORE
How to Get Your Child to Focus on Homework & Love Doing It
Is there a daily struggle in your household as your child plows through (or perhaps tries to avoid) a daunting... READ MORE
How to Discipline Children (& Teens) with Behavioral Disorders
Parents of children with attention or anxiety disorders have one time or another received that dreaded “call home” about their... READ MORE
Children Using Technology: Impact of Screen Time on Brain Development
Looking at a group of children, it is common to see an ever-present phone or tablet in their hands. Compared... READ MORE
10 Nourishing Preschool Snacks You Can Make at Home
One of the most challenging and stressful aspects of being a “do it all” parent is providing a well-balanced diet,... READ MORE
7 Playdate Ideas for Kids with Anxiety
The word “playdate” might trigger your own worry response when you have a kid with anxiety. Will my kid have... READ MORE
Fun Fall Activities for Families with Kids
Autumn is here, and for parents of children with anxiety and focus challenges, it’s one of the best seasons to... READ MORE
The Most Helpful and Wrong Times for Naps
Quality sleep is important to all of us. Cognitive function, memory, our mood for the day, and how we deal... READ MORE
Reduce Stress with Daily Routines
For most people, daily routines feel like an impossible task. Despite the thousands of articles that stress how important they... READ MORE
Moving Away from Traditional Pharmaceuticals
Imagine yourself as a young child. What were the hobbies you enjoyed? Can you remember the shows you watched or... READ MORE
New School Stress and Your Child
A new school year can be stressful for any child. There are new classmates to meet, new teachers with new... READ MORE
Tips for Back-to-School Sleep Routines
It’s that time of year again — kids traded lazy summer days for classrooms and lessons. There’s a mixture of... READ MORE

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