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10 Nourishing Preschool Snacks You Can Make at Home
One of the most challenging and stressful aspects of being a “do it all” parent is providing a well-balanced diet,... READ MORE
7 Playdate Ideas for Kids with Anxiety
The word “playdate” might trigger your own worry response when you have a kid with anxiety. Will my kid have... READ MORE
Fun Fall Activities for Families with Kids
Autumn is here, and for parents of children with anxiety and focus challenges, it’s one of the best seasons to... READ MORE
The Most Helpful and Wrong Times for Naps
Quality sleep is important to all of us. Cognitive function, memory, our mood for the day, and how we deal... READ MORE
Reduce Stress with Daily Routines
For most people, daily routines feel like an impossible task. Despite the thousands of articles that stress how important they... READ MORE
Moving Away from Traditional Pharmaceuticals
Imagine yourself as a young child. What were the hobbies you enjoyed? Can you remember the shows you watched or... READ MORE
New School Stress and Your Child
A new school year can be stressful for any child. There are new classmates to meet, new teachers with new... READ MORE
Tips for Back-to-School Sleep Routines
It’s that time of year again — kids traded lazy summer days for classrooms and lessons. There’s a mixture of... READ MORE
Managing Your Child’s Supplement Routine
A daily routine is a child’s best friend when they struggle with attention issues. From sleep to screen time to... READ MORE
Fun and Nutritious Back-to-School Lunches
It’s the age-old struggle between parents and their kids. Parents want their children to eat a balanced, nutrient-packed diet. Kids... READ MORE
How to Use Music to Help You Focus
It is no secret that children love music. From singalongs in the classroom, to paddy-cake songs on the playground, children... READ MORE
Limiting Screen Time When School is in Session
There has been a great deal of research showcasing the damaging effects of screen time on children’s brains. Children with... READ MORE
How Antibody Remedies Work for Children with Anxiety
There are so many solutions in and around attention challenges for children, it can feel overwhelming and confusing! Antibody remedies... READ MORE
14 of the Best Foods to Help Your Child Focus
A healthy diet is one of the most powerful ways to help your child, especially if they have attention and... READ MORE
Helping Your Child with Back-to-School Anxiety
For children struggling with attention and anxiety issues, starting back to school smoothly can be crucial for their happiness and... READ MORE
10 Fun Ways to Turn Off the Screen and Turn on Their Imagination
Today, children grow up with the glow of screens all around them: they encounter smartphones, tablets, televisions and computers seemingly... READ MORE
Why Sugar Is Bad for Children Struggling with Attention Issues
In this era of constant distraction (digital media, hectic schedules, pressure to perform at work, you name it), we all... READ MORE
Clever Alternatives to Sugary Snacks
Good, nutritious food is essential to every child’s development and growth. Their bodies are growing at a rapid pace and... READ MORE
10 Truths Moms Face When Their Child Has Anxiety Challenges
The experience of raising a child with anxiety challenges is unlike any other. Sure, having children is one of the... READ MORE
How to Practice Mindfulness with the Whole Family
Screens, schedules and stress make it increasingly difficult for any of us to focus. No matter how hard we try,... READ MORE
25 Tips for Helping Your Child (and Yourself) Get a Better Night’s Sleep
Sleep is as natural for humans as breathing, and yet we seem to be getting worse at it. Every year,... READ MORE

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