A Letter to All Mothers with Struggling Children

A Letter to All Mothers with Struggling Children

Reading through comments on social media, I just felt compelled to tell my son’s story. So, grab a coffee and tune in.

My son is six. The 2018-2019 school year was hell. As a result, I lost my teaching job. I was forced to resign because of my excessive absences at work. My son had been asked to leave school at 5 years old. I couldn’t leave him alone.

I had this child who only I could control and I could only control him at home. I was dejected, depressed, and embarrassed.

Through a lot of advocating and research, I found a specialized therapist and began getting my son treatment. I won’t get into any details, but it was there we discovered my son had been severely traumatized by his step brother. On top of that, he was previously diagnosed with generalized anxiety, separation anxiety, and sensory processing disorder. After a few weeks with this special therapist, we were given an additional diagnosis of complex PTSD.

The school year this year didn’t begin well, as he was still processing through his trauma disclosure. I pulled him from school and began homeschooling him. After a period of time, the school agreed to provide him with a 1:1 aide.

I was up late one night, crying in despair over the mere thought of putting another prescription medication in my son’s body. In the past, they had given my son so many negative side effects. I couldn’t stand the thought of it.

Other Meds
No Prescription Required
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Improve focus and clarity.
Reduce anxiety,
irritability and impulsivity.

Finally, one day I found Brillia. After several positive communications with them, I decided it can’t hurt. It was then that my life and my son’s life changed forever.

My son was struggling to remain in class for more than 2 hours a day because of his behavior and inability to regulate his emotions and return to class. Often, teachers had to evacuate the classroom because my son was “unsafe.” We started Brillia mid November. By week 2 and a half, the teachers were actually telling me what a huge difference they saw in my son. NO bad behaviors. He was staying in class all day!

Now, I’m not saying he’s perfect… He has had a few hiccups as well. He is a six year old boy. But, these hiccups are less than 30 minute episodes and they are not as severe at all. I know people have reservations about using this…but, I just can’t explain how much of a God send it has been for our family.

We are incredibly thankful for Brillia.

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