How to Add Brillia if You are Already Using Prescription Medications

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With no harmful side effects or contraindications, Brillia can be added to your regimen without causing any dangerous interactions or complications.” 

How to Add Brillia to Your Regimen

If you or your child are already taking prescription medication for anxiety, depression, OCD, autism, or ADHD, Brillia can be a helpful addition to your regimen if you’re looking for more support without the risk of harmful side effects. . As a non-prescription homeopathic medication, Brillia helps to reduce symptoms like  anxiety, hyperactivity, irritability, and impulsivity, while consequently improving attention and focus without the harsh synthetic chemicals found in prescription medications. The medication is safe for children, teens and adults with a variety of diagnoses, or no official diagnoses at all, as long as symptoms of anxiety or hyperactivity, lack of concentration and mood dysregulation are present. Some use Brillia to help ease secondary symptoms caused by their current medication, such as anxiety that is typically a result of stimulants, or symptoms not being addressed. Brillia can also come in handy during the ongoing ADHD medication shortage, when many do not have access to their usual prescription medications and are seeking alternative options.

Whether you are planning to replace your medication, avoid increasing dosage, address lingering symptoms, or simply explore a homeopathic approach, there’s no need to stop your current medication to experience the benefits of Brillia. With no harmful side effects or contraindications, Brillia can be added to your routine without causing any dangerous interactions or complications.

Learn more about why you might want to add Brillia to your regimen, how to start, and other ways to manage anxiety and ADHD in your everyday life.  

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Identifying Your Anxiety or ADHD-Related Symptoms

Without any harsh chemicals or harmful side effects, Brillia helps to reduce a number of symptoms that may or may not be addressed by your current medication. These include:

Why Add a Homeopathic Medicine?

There are three main reasons you may want to take Brillia if you are already taking prescription medication:

  • You want to switch to a non-prescription medication: Brillia can be highly beneficial for those who are looking for an effective alternative to pharmaceutical products because of the negative side effects associated with many prescription medications. Ideally you can switch to taking Brillia in the place of pharmaceuticals once Brillia has built up in your system over the course of two to three weeks (for some users, it may take longer). However, if your doctor has prescribed medications that you are considering stopping, we recommend that you discuss this with them first to make sure this is safe and appropriate for your individual case. Keep in mind when considering Brillia as an alternative to prescription drugs that the medication is a gentle and cumulative product. It works best when combined with strategic lifestyle habits like proper nutrition, adequate sleep, controlled screen time and mindfulness, as outlined in our holistic 5 Pillars.
  • You do not want to increase the dosage of your current medication: Many people use Brillia instead of increasing their dosage of the medications they are taking or for additional symptoms that are still present. Your body starts to build a tolerance to most prescription medications, so over time, you usually have to continually increase the dosage to maintain the same results. Since Brillia can help with the same symptoms, the homeopathic medication can work in conjunction with your prescription medication to slow down the rate of upping your dose. There is no harm in doing this, but it does not alleviate the side effects from being on prescription pharmaceuticals. Increasing dosage of your current medication also increases the likelihood of experiencing side effects, so Brillia can also help to lower this risk.
  • The prescription medication you are using is working well for you but you want to alleviate side effects caused by your prescription medication or lingering symptoms: If you are happy with your prescription, but it is causing some secondary symptoms (ex: anxiety from using stimulant prescriptions) then you can add Brillia to help reduce those secondary symptoms.  

Please note that Brillia is a gentle and cumulative product, which means that the active ingredient needs to build up in your system with consistent daily use, in order to start showing results. Some notice a difference after the first two to three weeks of starting Brillia, but for others it can take longer. We recommend using Brillia alongside your current prescription medications for at least three to four weeks to allow it to build up in the system to evaluate the dose you are trying. We simply ask that you be consistent and patient, and give the medication a full three months to assess results.

Is it Safe to Take Homeopathic Medicines with Prescription Medicines?

We cannot speak for other homeopathic medicines, but you can rest assured that Brillia is an extremely targeted medication as it targets and binds to one brain specific protein: S100B. In regulating this protein, which we’ll discuss in more detail below, Brillia promotes a balanced mood and resolves symptoms related to anxiety and ADHD without altering blood chemistry or affecting any other systems in the body.

As a result of this targeted approach, Brillia has no contraindications with other medications or remedies you may be taking, so you can add it to your regimen or your child’s regimen at any time without worry. As a gentle and extremely targeted medication, you will not experience any side effects as your body adjusts to the medication, and if you should decide to ever come off the medication, you will not experience any “coming off” or withdrawal effects. 

What is Brillia?

Brillia is a non-prescription homeopathic medication that uses targeted antibodies to the S100B protein, which plays a key role in many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, e.g. various enzymes activities, calcium homeostasis, communication between neurons, etc. Almost all mental and neurological disorders, including temporal stress-induced conditions, are accompanied by a disturbance of these processes, especially communication between neurons, so the normalization of these processes is a gentle yet efficient way to reduce symptoms associated with these conditions. 

Brillia's efficacy stems from its ability to regulate the activity of the S100B protein. In order for a protein to have an effect in the body, it needs to bind to its target, such as an enzyme. Proteins have specific shapes to fit with target molecules. When a protein fits into the target molecule's spot, it causes a change in the body. But when Brillia binds to the S100B protein, the overall shape of the protein is altered, hindering its ability to bind to its target molecule and thereby controlling its activity in the body. In short, Brillia stops the S100B protein from acting in the body by changing its shape, consequently regulating levels of anxiety and hyperactivity. As a result of the regulating effect of Brillia on the S-100B protein, the level of monoamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin) in different parts of the brain normalizes.

Studies have revealed that when the S100B protein is out of balance in the body, there is a disruption of these brain processes, resulting in increased irritability, anxiety, and stress.1 Brillia essentially improves how your brain cells communicate with each other, resulting in a more balanced mood and improved focus. 

Besides our unique antibody ingredient, Brillia encourages healthy lifestyle habits as a necessary component to our holistic approach. Called the 5 Pillars, these lifestyle habits consist of proper nutrition, adequate sleep, controlled screen time, and mindfulness, which are all science-backed proven methods of reducing symptoms related to anxiety and ADHD. In many cases, implementing these habits can be enough to help get symptoms under control, but Brillia provides the extra support needed while you adjust to these improvements. The ultimate goal is self-regulation; once these habits become second nature, you may find that you need less and less of any medication to control your symptoms, although you can continue taking Brillia as long as needed. Every individual requires different levels of support, and Brillia provides this support in the gentlest way possible, without increasing your risk of undesirable or harmful side effects.

Navigating through the ADHD prescription medication shortage

How to Add Brillia Into Your Regimen: For Adults

The starting dosage is determined by how you rate the severity of the symptoms. If you are not sure, then we recommend starting with the moderate dose.

Brillia for Adults Dosage:

  • Mild: one pill, three times a day
  • Moderate: two pills, three times a day
  • Severe: three doses consisting of three pills in the morning (first dose), two pills in the afternoon (second dose), and three pills in the evening (last dose)

As stated above, even if you are planning to come off your prescription medication, we recommend starting to take Brillia for three to four weeks to ensure there is enough of the ingredient in your system to evaluate the dose you are trying. Then, under the supervision and guidance of the physician who prescribed your medication, you can try to come off of the prescription medication.  

If you feel that there is still room for improvement, it is recommended to try a higher dose of Brillia for at least three to four weeks, and then compare. To experience the full results that Brillia can provide, we recommend to stay on the dose that you feel is giving you the best results for a full three months. This is why we always recommend starting with Brillia’s three-month program, which comes with a money-back guarantee for first-time users (*Some restrictions apply.) This program offers the steepest discounts, free shipping, and has the highest success rate with current Brillia users. Brillia also has a Customer Care team that is available to help guide you through this process at every step, via email, telephone and live chat support. 

How to Add Brillia Into Your Regimen: For Kids

Similar to the recommendation for adults, the starting dosage of Brillia for kids ages 5-18 is determined by how you rate the severity of your child’s symptoms. If you are not sure, then we recommend starting with the moderate dose.

Brillia for Children & Teens Dosage:

  • Moderate: one pill, three times a day
  • Severe: two pills, three times a day

As we recommended for adults, when adding  Brillia to your child’s regimen it’s essential they take Brillia for three to four weeks for the active ingredient to build up in the system. If you find they still need more support, they can try a higher dose for another three to four weeks, and then compare. It’s recommended they stay on the medication for a full three months before you decide whether Brillia is the right choice for them (and why Brillia’s three-month program works so well). Again, the three-month program comes with a money-back guarantee for first-time users (*Some restrictions apply) so you can always change your mind if Brillia’s not quite right for you. If you have any questions or hesitations about trying Brillia, reach out to our Customer Care team for more support. 

And remember, it’s important during the adjustment period to implement the 5 Pillars mentioned above to get the most out of the medication and see the fastest results.

Side Effects of Taking Homeopathic & Prescription Medication at Once

As we mentioned above, Brillia is extremely targeted, which means it can reduce symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, lack of concentration, and mood dysregulation without affecting any other systems in the body or reacting to other medications or supplements. Adding Brillia to your regimen will not  cause drowsiness, lethargy, depression, or mask the personality in any way, nor will it affect the appetite. 

You will also not notice any side effects associated with starting or stopping the medication. With most prescription drugs, it is important that you gradually decrease your dose to wean yourself off of the chemicals your brain and body have become accustomed to, but this is not the case with Brillia.  If you decide to stop using the medication at any time, the active ingredient will exit the system. 

Ready to try Brillia?

We recommend getting started with a 3-month supply moderate dosage, that includes free shipping and our Money back guarantee.
Applies to first-time buyers only within 120 days from first date of purchase, limited to one 3-month bundle or three 1-month supplies per product per child or adult in the same household. FedEx overnight shipping not refundable. Subscription orders excluded. Return Policy.
See Children/Teens for severe dosage.
See Adults for mild or severe dosage.

Managing Symptoms in Everyday Life

Taking medication is just one option out of many to manage your symptoms in everyday life. None of these medications are a “cure.” Both prescription and non-prescription medications simply help to control symptoms. And all medications work best alongside healthy lifestyle changes. This is where Brillia's holistic approach is very valuable. It encourages adults, teens and children to integrate behavioral changes into their regimen, so they can eventually learn to  manage symptoms on their own. 

Whether you decide to take prescription medication, homeopathic medication, a combination of the two, or no medication at all, it is crucial that you support your efforts with the healthy lifestyle habits outlined in Brillia’s Five-Pillar holistic approach.

Some key ways to manage anxiety and ADHD symptoms include:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing these symptoms, and it’s a journey to find the best combination and path to the best option for you. But knowing what’s out there can help you make an informed choice that works best for you or your child.

Find out more about how Brillia works and explore more resources on anxiety, ADHD, and healthy living at the Brillia(nce) Resource Center.

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