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How The Pandemic Has Caused A "Steep Decline in Teen Mental Health" & Natural Ways To Help Your Kids
- "According to experts at John Hopkins University, social distancing and the interruption of typical school routines can be especially... READ MORE
Taking Brillia With Prescription Anxiety or ADHD Medication
- "Some individuals choose to switch over to Brillia completely to avoid the negative side effects of prescription drugs" -... READ MORE
The Ultimate Summer Guide for Kids With ADHD: Activities, Schedules & Continued Learning
- "By sticking to a summer schedule, you can expect to have a calmer kid at home and an easier... READ MORE
10 Reasons To Be Cautious With Online ADHD Diagnosis & Prescription Meds
- "Diagnosing ADHD takes time and doctors should assess symptoms from childhood to adulthood, something that seems unlikely to do... READ MORE
5 Reasons Melatonin May Be Doing A Disservice to Your Child & Other Alternatives to Help Sleep
- "According to the American Academy of Pediatrics and the National Institutes of Health, children should not take melatonin long-term"... READ MORE
ADHD in Adult Women vs Men: Similarities, Differences & Ways To Help Reduce Symptoms
- "While many individuals find great success from taking prescription medication for ADHD, there are side effects that may dissuade some... READ MORE
6 Best Supplements For Adults & Kids With ADHD
- "Like behavioral therapy, supplements and vitamins provide a gentler way to ease symptoms and can often be used in... READ MORE
ADHD or Lack of Discipline? Child Behaviors that Should be Taken Seriously & What to do About Them
- "Children who have little or no discipline are left to fend for themselves, which may result in injuries and... READ MORE
How Brillia Works To Help With Anger Management in Children
- "Unchecked anger in children can result in poor academic performance, peer rejections, and mental health issues in adulthood"- Everyone... READ MORE
7 Ways to Make Parenting with ADHD Easier
- "Studies show that parents with ADHD report higher 'home chaos' due to their ADHD symptoms" - Parenting with ADHD... READ MORE
5 Natural Ways to Increase Concentration & Focus in ADHD Kids
- "If you notice your child is having prolonged difficulty and consistently encountering academic and social difficulties, then you may... READ MORE
Depersonalization & Anxiety: What It Is & How To Control Anxiety In Order to Reduce It
- "Studies have shown that of all emotional states, anxiety is the strongest predictor of depersonalization" - Depersonalization refers to... READ MORE
Restlessness & Anxiety: What is The Link & How To Help
- "Whether you are anxious, restless, or both, there are several lifestyle habits that can help" - Everyone experiences occasional... READ MORE
8 Holistic Ways to Reduce Constant Irritability
- "Irritability is likely to come back if you don’t look at the big picture of why you feel the... READ MORE
Non-Stimulant vs Stimulant ADHD Medication: Similarities & Differences
- "...In some cases, people would like to find an alternative to address symptoms not being addressed by their drugs"... READ MORE
Understanding Social Anxiety: Signs & Symptoms, Coping & The Effects of Covid-19
- "According to the Anxiety & Depression Association of America, social anxiety affects an estimated 15 million adults, or around 6.8%... READ MORE
Anxiety in Children Symptom Checklist - From Ages 5 to 10
- "Research shows that 10 percent of children ages two to five show signs of an anxiety disorder." - While... READ MORE
How To Help Kids Turn Anxiety Into Their Own Superpower: Reframing Anxiety for Kids
- "Studies have shown that reframing has helped minimize anxiety and depression..." - When you hear the word “superpower,” you may... READ MORE
Combining Talk Therapy & Medication For Anxiety & Depression
- "Studies show that adding psychotherapy to medication in the treatment of anxiety and depression is more effective than treatment with... READ MORE
Can Anxiety Get Worse During the Winter
- "Though the winter months typically trigger depression in around five percent of adults in the U.S., many individuals also suffer... READ MORE
Insomnia & ADHD: How They Affect One Another & Ways To Help
- "When we do not get enough sleep on a regular basis, we are at risk for developing a number... READ MORE

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