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Transforming a Child’s Bedroom into an Anxiety-Free Space
Everyone needs a safe haven that is calm and quiet, especially a child experiencing anxiety. Your child’s bedroom can be... READ MORE
How to Spot, Ease & Prevent Night Terrors in Children
Parents of children who struggle with night terrors know all too well how upsetting the experience can be for the... READ MORE
How I Helped My Child Overcome Sleep Anxiety
When I think about my child’s first six months of life, it’s difficult not to think about my own sleepiness,... READ MORE
The Most Helpful and Wrong Times for Naps
Quality sleep is important to all of us. Cognitive function, memory, our mood for the day, and how we deal... READ MORE
Tips for Back-to-School Sleep Routines
It’s that time of year again — kids traded lazy summer days for classrooms and lessons. There’s a mixture of... READ MORE
25 Tips for Helping Your Child Get a Better Night’s Sleep
Sleep is as natural for humans as breathing, and yet we seem to be getting worse at it. Every year,... READ MORE
Natural Ways to Help Your Child Sleep Better
Bedtime can sometimes feel like a battle, especially when you have children with attention and anxiety issues. Overstimulation during the... READ MORE
My Child with Attention Issues Can’t Sleep. What Can I Do?
As a parent, it’s hard for everyone when your child can’t sleep. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for children with attention... READ MORE

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