Reasons You'll Love Brillia

Safe & Effective For Kids

Brillia is a viable and safe alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that are prescribed to children to help reduce their anxiety and hyperactivity. 
 It is a cumulative 3-months on, one-month off program. Because the effects of Brillia are cumulative, it is not necessary to take it every month. The 4th month of the Brillia Program is considered a “rest” period. The rest month allows you to focus on the other 4 pillars, and then you can start a new 3-month period on Brillia. If you are committed to the program with patience and consistency, you will see maximum results.

Targets The Source of the Symptoms

Under stress, our brains release the S-100 protein, which produces effects we see in our child as difficulty focusing, anxiety and irritable behavior.
Brillia targets this protein, which helps reduce feelings of anxiety and hyperactivity and helping to improve focus and attention.

No Harmful Side Effects

Brillia does not have any of the harmful side effects of pharmaceuticals, and will not blur your child’s personality.

Non-Habit Forming
Easy-Melt Tablets

Holistic Program

Unlike other supplements, taking Brillia is paired with guidance on healthy living habits. This maximizes the effectiveness and helps develop healthier, long-lasting choices. We provide resources from parents and professionals on how to achieve these in our blogs. 

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