When to Increase or Decrease Your Dose of Brillia (for Kids & Adults)

When to Increase or Decrease Your Dose of Brillia (for Kids & Adults)

"Unlike prescription medications, you will never build a tolerance to [Brillia], so once you find the right dose, you can stick with it as long as it serves your needs."

When anxiety or ADHD is left unaddressed, it can wreak havoc on your work, relationships, and overall happiness. In children, academics and self-esteem could also suffer while symptoms worsen over time. People who do not seek help or learn how to control their symptoms become vulnerable to self-medicating with alcohol, recreational drugs, and other unhealthy coping mechanisms.

While there are a number of ways to approach mood and attention disorders, some of the most common, like prescription medication, are associated with a number of undesirable side effects like drowsiness, nausea, headaches, dependency and more. 

At Brillia, we see the value in prescription medication for anxiety and ADHD and we do not deny the fact that these medications are the right choice for many who cannot get the relief and support they need otherwise. However, we do believe that gentler medications, combined with a holistic approach should be explored first. Brillia’s holistic program includes recommendations on healthy lifestyle habits, from eating well and improving sleep, to controlling screen time and practicing mindfulness. Making these changes is the first step to helping reduce these symptoms and sets a foundation for success. 

If more support is needed, Brillia can help. As an over-the-counter and non-prescription medication, Brillia provides results safely without harsh synthetic chemicals or harmful side effects. The medication is not habit forming, it does not cause drowsiness or depression, and it does not mask the personality. And unlike other prescription drugs, Brillia does not affect appetite causing weight loss/gain, and the medication has no contraindications with any other supplements or medications, so you can add it to the regimen without worry.  

Reasons to Start Brillia

You do not need an official diagnosis or prescription to use Brillia. This homeopathic medication is recommended for children and adults who struggle with symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, inattention, irritability, mood regulation, lack of focus/attention and impulsivity

You may want to try Brillia if you or your child struggle with any of the following symptoms:

You may also want to try Brillia if you’re already taking prescription medication for anxiety or ADHD and you need support for the new symptoms that appear as side effects of prescription medication. Some users take Brillia in addition to ADHD medication to clear up symptoms like anxiety, which is a common side effect of stimulant medication

Or maybe you’ve found that your medication is no longer working; instead of increasing your dose, you can try Brillia in addition to your current meds. Some users decide to switch over to Brillia entirely, but you should never stop any prescribed medication without consulting your doctor first. 

Find out more about how to take Brillia with prescription medication and how to safely transition.

How to Know What Dose is Right for You as an Adult 

Brillia for Adults is designed for adults over 18. Dosage depends on the severity of symptoms as you would rate them: mild, moderate, or severe. 

  • Mild Dosage (1 pill, 3x daily): Symptoms are occasional and somewhat concerning. You’ve noticed you’re falling behind at work or finding tasks harder than usual.
  • Moderate Dosage (2 pills, 3x daily): Symptoms are more frequent and occasionally intense. You know you need support, but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Severe Dosage (8 pills daily - Morning 3, Midday 2, Evening 3): Symptoms are frequent, overly intense, and unmanageable. You may have already consulted a doctor or you’re considering consulting one. Mistakes at work, relationship issues, and your overall health are under threat.

If you are unsure what dosage to choose, we recommend starting with moderate. 

Other Meds
No Prescription Required
No Harmful Side Effects
Easy Dissolve Tablets
Non Drowsy
Not Habit Forming
Money Back Guarantee
Improve focus and clarity.
Reduce anxiety,
irritability and impulsivity.

How to Choose Your Child’s Dose 

Brillia for Children is designed for children aged five to 18. Like the adult product, dosage depends on the severity of symptoms as you would rate them: moderate or severe. It’s important to remember that each child experiences his or her symptoms uniquely. The recommendations below are a general starting point.

  • Moderate Dosage (1 pill, 3x daily): Symptoms are frequent, noticeable, and occasionally intense. You may have noticed behavioral and/or academic problems at school, or social difficulties in your child. You may not be sure if they have anxiety or ADHD, but you’re sure they need support.  
  • Severe Dosage (2 pills, 3xdaily): Symptoms are overly intense, uncontrollable, and at times unmanageable. You may have received feedback from teachers that your child is struggling and tried interventions without success. You might have even received an official diagnosis of a mood or attention disorder.

If you think your child will benefit from the stronger dosage, then we urge you to order it and not dose down. There is no harm in taking the dose that your child needs, and you will actually see results faster with the correct dosage. That said, once you see how the higher dose can help (usually after a 3-month period), you can try to dose down and see if it still has the same results. There is no harm in increasing or decreasing dosage. You just need to stay consistent and patient to allow the changes in dosage to take effect to properly evaluate.

If you’re unsure which dose to choose, start your child on the moderate dose. Although the active ingredient in the children’s version is the same as the adult version, the adult version has a much stronger formulation, so it’s better for minors to use the children’s version to allow for more incremental dosing changes.

Find out more about how the Brillia products compare.

Signs it’s Time to Try a Different Dose 

It’s important to understand that, when taking Brillia, there is no “wrong” dosage – only the “right” dosage that will show improvement for you or your child. No two people experience anxiety or ADHD the same, so dosage choices are unique.

Also, evaluating your dosage as you go is key. You or your child may find that symptoms fluctuate, manifest differently over time, or show up in new situations. We advocate for consistency when taking Brillia, but also for flexibility.

With Brillia, there’s no harm in experimenting with different dosages until you find the right fit for you or your child. Unlike prescription medications, you will never build a tolerance to the medication, so once you find the right dose, you can stick with it as long as it serves your needs. There are also no negative side effects associated with any dose so experimenting is encouraged until you find the right regimen.

It’s also important that you take the medication consistently for at least four weeks and are taking it correctly by dissolving the tablets in the mouth three times a day before evaluating results. If you begin with a mild or moderate dose, but find that it’s not producing your desired results after at least four weeks, then it is recommended that you try the higher dose, even if you would not consider yours or your child’s symptoms to be severe. But we do encourage you to be patient and consistent with your current dose before assessing results and increasing to the next level.

Brillia is not a time-release capsule so your body depends on a steady trickle so the active ingredient can build up in the system. If you are inconsistent with the medication, the active ingredient will not work as effectively. 

We also know that it can be difficult with your child’s school schedule to administer three doses. So if your child cannot take their second dose at school, have them take it as soon as they come home, even if two doses end up being close together (but do not double up on the dose). 

How to Know When to Decrease Your Doses

Similar to increasing your dosage, if you would like to see if a lower dose works for you, you can decrease at any time without worrying about the effects of withdrawal. We do ask that you continue evaluating your symptoms while you stay on the decreased dose for at least 3-4 weeks. If you do notice any symptoms coming back, then it's a sign that this lower dose is not a good fit, and you should resume the previous dose right away. Once you do, the same results should come back.

Is It Mandatory to Take the 4th Month Off?

Our research has shown that for many, the active ingredient in Brillia builds up enough during a 3-month period of consistent use that they can take the 4th month off and continue to benefit from the same level of results. Symptoms should not return during this month off after which you can start another three months on Brillia. If you would like to try taking the 4th month, it is important to keep an eye on the symptoms. If you see any symptoms return, then it’s not a good option and you should start using Brillia as soon as possible, and use Brillia continually. It is safe either way. Some people are afraid to try taking a month off, worried that the symptoms will come back. There is no harm in continuing on without stopping if that is what works best for you or your child.

How Long Does Brillia Stay in Your System? 

Once you stop taking Brillia, the active ingredient will gradually leave your system without leaving a footprint or causing withdrawals. Brillia’s active ingredient is extremely targeted, and only looks for and binds with the S100B protein. As such, it does not alter blood chemistry, and has no contraindications with any other supplements or medications because of its targeted nature.

In fact, Brillia is so efficient at leaving the system that this is why we encourage users to be consistent with their dosages and spread them out evenly over the day because the steady trickle is what makes the medication work. 

When Should You Stop Brillia Altogether? 

Brillia can be used for as long as it is providing the support that you or your child need. As an extremely targeted medication, you never have to worry about the medication dulling the personality or causing harmful side effects because it does not affect any other systems in the body. 

But if you notice a major improvement in your symptoms or your child’s symptoms and want to stop altogether, you can begin by trying a lesser dose as a more gradual way of coming off. This can help you decide if you or your child are ready to stop. If you try a lesser dose and notice that the symptoms return, you may not be ready to come off the medication.  

Another unique aspect about Brillia is that it is part of a holistic approach. The medication is most effective when paired with the implementation of healthy lifestyle factors like following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, controlling screen time, and practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques. This holistic philosophy is called the Five Pillars and it is a crucial part of Brillia’s success. 

The goal of the Five Pillars is that as the child matures and adults adapt to these changes, these healthier lifestyle changes will become lifelong habits. As you or your child learn behavioral ways to control symptoms, you will eventually need less and less of a product. But if you or your child still need something more, Brillia can offer this additional support without harmful side effects.

Learn more about how Brillia works and explore more tips on managing anxiety and ADHD at the Brillia(nce) Resource Center.

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