How to Choose the Dosage for Brillia for Children & Adults

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“Brillia can be a useful addition to prescription medication because it can help reduce secondary symptoms brought on by pharmaceutical drugs such as anxiety, which is a common side effect of ADHD stimulants.”

Brillia Dosage for Children & Adults

There is no cookie-cutter approach to managing anxiety or ADHD. At Brillia, we know that each person experiences their symptoms in unique ways and their medication regimen should reflect that. 

Our guidelines below will help you decide how to choose the best dosage for yourself or your child when using Brillia. Keep in mind that your dose may change over time as you use Brillia and see how your system responds to the dosage you are using. If you are already taking prescription medication for these symptoms or any supplements, you can add Brillia at any time because there are no contraindications.

Recognizing the Symptoms 

When assessing a child or adult for anxiety, ADHD, or a mood disorder, clinicians often designate the severity of symptoms as “mild,” “moderate,” or” severe” under the criteria in the DSM-5.1 Brillia uses these same designations to describe the severity of symptoms associated with a wide range of diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, PTSD, OCD, ODD, autism, or just anxiety. You do not even have to be officially diagnosed to benefit from Brillia’s targeted ingredients, which help to promote calmness and clarity without harmful side effects. No two people experience symptoms in the same way and the severity may change over a lifetime. Brillia’s approach lets you be the judge of your symptoms so you can find the best dosage for you or your child.

Deciding When Brillia Comes into Play 

Brillia is recommended for children and adults who struggle with anxiety or hyperactivity, lack of concentration, and mood regulation. Whether you have been officially diagnosed or not, the homeopathic medication can be safely added to your regimen without worry, even if you are already taking other medications or supplements. In fact, Brillia can be a useful addition to prescription medication because it can help reduce secondary symptoms brought on by pharmaceutical drugs such as anxiety, which is a common side effect of ADHD stimulants.

Unlike most prescription medications for anxiety or ADHD, Brillia is not made of harsh, synthetic chemicals nor is it linked to any harmful side effects. The medication, which consists of targeted antibodies to the S100B protein, will not cause drowsiness, it will not affect the appetite, and it will not mask the personality in any way, or change blood chemistry. You can start or stop the medication at any time without worrying about any “coming off” or withdrawal effect.

Brillia for Children: Choosing a Dosage 

Brillia for Children is for children aged five to 18. The recommended dosage is based on the severity of your child's symptoms as you would rate them: moderate or severe. If you are unsure, we suggest starting with the moderate dose, which means one pill in the morning, one mid-day and one in the evening at least two hours before bedtime. You can always increase the dose if you do not start seeing results in three to four weeks. Please note that people under 18 should only take Brillia for Children. Brillia for Adults has the same ingredients, but the adult version has a much stronger formulation, so it’s better for minors to use the children’s version to allow for more incremental dosing changes.

It’s best to think of these symptoms as existing on a spectrum. With Brillia, there is no harm in experimenting with dosage levels until you find the best dose for your child. It is just recommended to stay on each dose for at least four weeks to allow that dose to build up enough in the system to then evaluate. 

These guidelines serve as a starting point with Brillia. The true determining factor are the results that you see. So even if you feel that you would rate a child’s symptoms as moderate, but after three to four weeks you decide that there is still room for more improvement, it is recommended to take the severe dose, which may be a better match for your child.

  • Moderate Dosage: 1 pill, 3x daily
    If you are not sure which dose to start with, we recommend that children begin with the moderate dose. With the school schedule, we know it can be a bit challenging to take three doses, but this is crucial for the active ingredient to build up in the system. If your child is unable to take the medication at school, they should take it as soon as they get home, even if two tablets might end up being taken a little closer together. Because Brillia is not a time-release tablet, it is the steady trickle into the system that helps build the active ingredient up to achieve and maintain consistent results. You can spread the doses out more evenly on weekends and holidays.

  • Severe Dosage: 2 pills, 3x daily
    If you rate your child’s symptoms as severe, we urge you to start at the severe dose. Brillia for Children is formulated to be gentle and safe, and you will see the best results when you are on the correct dosage. 

Brillia for Adults: Choosing a Dosage 

Similar to Brillia for Children, Brillia for Adults helps to reduce anxiety, irritability, inattention, impulsivity, and other symptoms related to ADHD in adults aged 18 and up. Dosage will depend on the severity of symptoms as you would rate them. There are three categories for adults: mild, moderate, or severe.

Of course, every person will experience their symptoms differently. You may just find that mild and moderate doses do not work as well for you, leading you to take a dosage for severe symptoms. There are no negative side effects associated with any dose so experimenting is encouraged until you find the right regimen for you. 

  • Mild Dosage: 1 pill, 3x daily
    Symptoms of anxiety or difficulty with focus can happen from time to time. But these symptoms can pose a bigger problem when they start to show up frequently and impact your work and/or relationships. If your symptoms are mild, but you could use some help, choose the mild dose. After three to four weeks, feel free to assess results to decide if this is the right dose for you. If you are not sure, there is no harm to try a different dose for 3-4 weeks to compare. There is no harm in trying different doses to see which works best for your system and your needs.

  • Moderate Dosage: 2 pills, 3x daily
    If you are not sure which dose to start with, then we recommend beginning with the moderate dose. Though moderate anxiety or ADHD will produce many of the same symptoms as those with mild anxiety, these symptoms will happen more frequently and with more intensity. If you did not experience desired results with the mild dose, you can try the moderate dose to see if it works better.

  • Severe Dosage: 8 pills daily - Morning 3, Midday 2, Evening 3
    A person with severe symptoms may feel like these symptoms are inescapable and unmanageable most of the time. If you would rate your symptoms as severe, then it is recommended to begin with this dose.

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How Long Do You Need Brillia

Brillia is a gentle and cumulative product. While some notice a difference after the first two to three weeks of starting the medication, for others it can take longer. You must be consistent and patient and you are recommended to give the product a full three months before evaluating results. This is why we always suggest that first-time users start with the three-month supply, which offers the steepest discounts, a money-back guarantee (*Some restrictions apply.), and has the greatest success with current Brillia customers.

At Brillia we are proponents of making healthy lifestyle changes to help improve anxiety, irritability, poor focus, impulsivity, and other challenging symptoms. Our holistic approach encourages adults, teens and children to actively seek healthier habits, such as improving nutrition, getting a better night's sleep, practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques, and controlling screen time to help reduce symptoms in everyday life. We provide a variety of resources on our website with recommendations on how to achieve these in fun and easy ways for all ages. But sometimes these lifestyle changes are not enough to achieve the results you desire, which is where Brillia can help.

The goal is that as your child matures, and as adults adapt to these changes, these healthier lifestyle choices will become habits. As you each start to learn behavioral ways to control your symptoms, you will need less and less of a product. And if you still need something more, Brillia can offer additional support without harmful side effects, for as long as you need. It is a safe, impactful, and extremely targeted option to consider before resorting to prescription medications. And you will not build a tolerance to it, so you do not have to incrementally increase the dosage once you find the dose that works for you. 

Brillia can be used for as long as it is providing the support that is needed without dulling the personality. By reducing symptoms at their very source, your personality and potential can still shine through. And once you stop taking Brillia it completely leaves the system without any "coming off" side effects. Brillia does not leave any footprint in the system and does not alter blood chemistry.

Once you make your purchase, our Customer Care Team will support your Brillia journey via email with regular guidance during your first three-month period with advice on how to get started, how to get the best results, how to decide when to try different doses, and more. We’re available to help answer any questions and along the way.

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