At Brillia we want to do our part to help
raise awareness, for children, teens and adults
coping with challenges associated with ADHD.

We celebrate the progress made in ADHD education and advocacy. Without awareness, many children 
and adults continue to struggle. It’s a holistic approach beyond our five pillars. It includes you amazing parents, 
family members, and friends who support individuals with ADHD.

Every week throughout October we’ll choose from our Instagram followers @DiscoverBrillia to receive 
one of our ADHD awareness gifts shown below. Each supports Brillia’s holistic approach to reduce 
anxiety, hyperactivity, and lack of focus. 

We thank you and invite you to help contribute by adding #BrilliaCommunity to your posts that support this movement.
Together we can continue to help raise awareness and become stronger as a community.

1. Enter > Follow

In support of ADHD Awareness Month this 
October, please follow Brillia on Instagram 
@DiscoverBrillia. It’s easy!

2. Support > Tag

Just “like” our Brillia Instagram posts, and tag 3 friends. Separate comments please! The more tags, the more entries.

3. Gift > Recipient

We’ll choose 4 Instagram followers each 
week. Recipients will be announced in the 
comments and notified via direct message.

Brillia ADHD Awareness Gifts
Follow @DiscoverBrillia and you may receive:

Weighted Blanket


Portable Massager for
Neck and Back with Heat


Ultrasonic Diffuser and


Books for Kids with


Join us @DiscoverBrillia on Instagram!