Wellness Opinion Leader Series:
Maddie Spear, Mental Health Counselor

Brillia Review Maddie Spear


Ready for Brillia?
Ready for Brillia?
Enhances clarity & improves focus - prescription free
“Brillia has greatly reduced stress
on our family.”
“Brillia for Adults worked just as
it was promised.”

At Brillia we’re always looking for ways to expand our community. We wanted to connect with driving forces in the wellness world, those that are like-minded in the pursuit of helping others with anxiety, ADHD, lack of focus and irritability challenges. So, we asked a few key opinion leaders, with their varied expertise and symptoms, if they would be willing to try Brillia and give us an honest account of their experience.

Maddie is dedicated to providing services for trauma: Acute, Chronic and Complex. She believes many of us are struggling right now, and believes we need to take better care of ourselves and encourage our online and in-person communities to put a bigger emphasis on mental health. Her own personal struggles with lack of focus and concentration was incentive to try Brillia’s holistic approach. Maddie’s honest review is inspiring.
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