Brillia for Inattention

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Brillia for inattention

Brillia helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and/or hyperactivity, consequently helping improve attention and focus. Brillia is able to be used by children, teens and adults with a variety of diagnoses, or no official diagnoses at all, as long as they suffer from anxiety or hyperactivity, lack of concentration and mood regulation. No prescription or diagnosis is needed to take Brillia. We do have many with ADD, ADHD, OCD, ODD, autism or just anxiety, autism and other issues using Brillia with great success.

Inattention signs and symptoms in children, teens and adults:

  • Lack of focus, boredom
  • Excitability
  • Easily distracted
  • Trouble following instructions
  • Forgetfulness
  • Frequent mistakes at work or school

What causes inattention?

In people with inattention, neural networks do not communicate as effectively, making it difficult to focus on tasks or topics that are not stimulating to them. This can occur in people with ADHD, ADD, or just anxiety, among other diagnoses. Genetics and environmental factors may play a role. Inattention can stem from an imbalance of the S100B protein, associated with neuroplasticity and various cellular processes. Brillia’s antibody ingredient regulates the activity of this protein so that symptoms like inattention are reduced at the source, consequently helping to improve attention and focus. This regulation occurs without causing any harmful side effects or contraindications.

Brillia’s unique and impactful active
ingredient reduces hyperactivity without
the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.

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No prescription required
No harsh synthetic chemicals
Non habit-forming
No harmful side effects
No contraindications
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Let’s answer any questions

What is inattention?

Inattention refers to the inability to focus and pay attention. It is a hallmark feature of ADHD and often shows up as forgetfulness, disengagement, or distractibility.

What’s the difference between inattention and ADHD?

Inattention is just one symptom of ADHD. An individual with ADHD may also display other symptoms, such as hyperactivity, poor time management, exaggerated emotions, and even hyperfocus. Females with ADHD are reported to have fewer hyperactive/impulsive symptoms and more inattentive symptoms when compared with males. This difference is why an ADHD diagnosis can be missed in girls and women.

How do I reduce inattention?

Some ways to reduce inattention include limiting distractions in study or work areas, using reflective listening, such as repeating instructions or a person’s name to prevent forgetfulness, and allowing yourself (or your child) enough time to complete a task. Other ways to reduce inattention include implementing healthy habits, such as following a nutritious diet, getting adequate sleep, minimizing screen time, and mindfulness.

How does Brillia work to improve attention and focus?

Studies show that individuals with ADHD have an imbalance of the brain-specific S100B protein. Brillia’s active ingredient consists of antibodies to this protein. It works by targeting and attaching to the S100B protein so it cannot instigate symptoms of ADHD like inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. This gentle and impactful approach targets symptoms at the source so that no other systems of the body are affected.

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