Brillia vs CALM

Brillia vs CALM

"Studies show that when this protein is out of balance in the body, anxiety, irritability and inattention arise."

Brillia vs CALM

Available for over 35 years, Natural Vitality CALM claims to promote a “uniquely relaxing experience” using magnesium sourced from the sea. Though considered the leading magnesium brand in the U.S., there are some precautions to take before adding CALM to your regimen. The product comes with several known side effects and its health claims have not been evaluated by the FDA. Let’s explore how CALM works to ease stress and anxiety, its most common side effects, and how the supplement compares to homeopathic medications like Brillia.   

What is Natural Vitality CALM?

CALM is a magnesium supplement commonly used to ease stress and anxiety. Its proprietary blend contains magnesium carbonate and citric acid. When mixed with water, a chemical reaction occurs to create magnesium citrate. Magnesium citrate is often used as a laxative to treat occasional constipation on a short-term basis, however the manufacturers of CALM claim that their product should not be used as a laxative, but rather as a stress relief aid.1 Some studies do show that magnesium supplementation can reduce psychological distress and anxiety, though usually when combined with other vitamins and minerals.2 Researchers warn that more investigation is warranted. The CALM supplement is available in powder, gummy, or capsule form and there are formulations for either adults or children.  

One troubling aspect about CALM has to do with its ingredients. Because its magnesium is sourced from the sea, CALM contains trace amounts of arsenic and the chemical toxins cadmium and lead, meeting the stringent standards of California’s Prop. 65.3 These chemicals may cause damage to the vital organs of the body as well as the reproductive organs of the body, though CALM claims that these trace amounts of toxins and metals are safe for consumption.4

How CALM Works to Help Anxiety Symptoms

Magnesium is a crucial nutrient in the body and is needed for more than 300 biochemical reactions.5 In addition to maintaining normal nerve and muscle function, supporting a healthy immune system, and helping bones remain strong, magnesium plays an important role in regulating neurotransmitters, which relay messages throughout the brain and body. A 2017 study on magnesium supplementation found that the nutrient might help reduce anxiety by improving brain function and modulating central and peripheral endocrine responses.6

Brillia’s Active Ingredient

Brillia is a non-prescription medication that uniquely combines antibody science with homeopathy to gently and impactfully reduce symptoms of anxiety. Brillia’s active ingredient consists of antibodies to the brain-specific S100B protein, which plays an important role in mood regulation and neuroplasticity. Studies show that when this protein is out of balance in the body, anxiety, irritability and inattention arise.7  

How Brillia Works to Help Anxiety Symptoms

During stressful or anxiety-producing situations, our bodies release the S100B protein, which binds to a specific target enzyme in the brain to instigate symptoms like irritability, low mood, and excitability. Brillia’s antibody ingredient reduces these symptoms by efficiently targeting and attaching to the S100B protein and changing its shape so it cannot bind to its target. Hence, the medication helps to reduce anxiety symptoms from manifesting, unlike CALM where magnesium helps to counteract the symptoms after they have already happened. This is a more efficient method to help users stay calm and composed when facing stressful circumstances. This safe and targeted approach allows Brillia to work without impacting any other systems in the body or causing harmful side effects. Even more, if you are already taking other medications or supplements, Brillia can be safely added to your regimen without worry because there are no contraindications associated with the medication. Some users have even chosen to use Brillia in place of their anxiety medications or in combination with them to avoid increasing their dosage, although stopping a medication should always be handled with care and under the direction of your physician. 

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Differences Between Brillia & CALM 

Although both Brillia and CALM are available without an official diagnosis or prescription, there are many differences between the two products. While Brillia does contain magnesium, its magnesium content is pharmaceutical grade and not sourced from the sea. This allows users to experience the benefits of antibodies and magnesium without harsh side effects. Meanwhile, several adverse effects have been flagged for CALM, especially when taken regularly. Studies8 show that high doses of magnesium can result in nausea, abdominal cramping and/or diarrhea and on the Natural Vitality FAQs page9, the manufacturers note that those with sensitive digestive systems may need to consult their physician. It is also unclear if CALM is safe to use while pregnant, nursing, or taking other prescription medications. The trace amounts of heavy metals and toxins within the supplement may lead many to take precautions before using. Conversely, Brillia is such a gentle and impactful product that has no contraindications and it can be taken by children as well as adults. Brillia will not cause an upset stomach upset, nor will it cause weight loss or weight changes. There is no drowsiness associated with taking Brillia either, although several reviewers have noted that CALM makes them sleepy.

Another unique factor about taking Brillia is its 5-Pillar approach, which combines antibody science with healthy lifestyle habits for whole-body health. Brillia works best when users eat healthily, get adequate sleep, practice relaxation and mindfulness strategies, and control their screen time, along with other healthy choices. A plethora of resources can be found at the Brillia blog to support a growing community of avid users who take Brillia to cope with life’s stressors and lead more balanced lives.

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