Brillia for Children vs Adults: Differences & Similarities

Brillia for Children vs Adults: Differences & Similarities

Studies show that ​​about 40 percent of children with ADHD have at least one parent with clinical ADHD symptoms.1 Similarly, children of parents who have a diagnosed anxiety disorder are around seven times more likely to develop an anxious disorder themselves.2 Find out how Brillia, a homeopathic medicine designed to reduce anxiety and ADHD symptoms, can help both children and adults. And explore ways you and your loved ones can work together to support one another if ADHD and/or anxiety runs in your family.

Brillia Ingredients & Effectiveness

Brillia is a non-prescription medication that uses targeted antibodies to the brain-specific S100B protein, a crucial regulator of mood, focus, and neuroplasticity. Research shows that S100B levels are elevated in patients with mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and mania.3 This 2008 study shows that antibodies to the S100 proteins can make a difference in patients with these conditions due to its anxiolytic effects.4 And this 2010 study shows that low doses of antibodies to the S100B protein have been shown to improve symptoms of inattention and hyperactivity in children with ADHD.5 

When we become stressed, anxious, or irritable, the S100B protein binds to a specific target enzyme in the brain to provoke undesirable symptoms like irritability, restlessness, and inattention. Brillia’s targeted antibodies reduce these symptoms by locating and attaching to the S100B protein and changing its shape, hindering its ability to bind to its target enzyme and effectively controlling its activity in the body. This bind is only temporary and does not affect the levels of the S100B protein in the body. This process allows Brillia to gently and efficiently stop anxiety and symptoms related to ADHD at the source without any off-target side effects associated with most prescription drugs for anxiety or ADHD. If you are already taking a prescription medication for your symptoms, Brillia can be safely added to your regimen (or your child’s) because there are no contraindications. In fact, many individuals take Brillia in lieu of increasing their dosage or they decide to switch over to Brillia entirely once it has built up in their system. We always recommend that you speak to your doctor first before stopping any medication. 

Is Brillia Safe for Children? 

Brillia for Children is safe for children five to 18 years old and there is no prescription or official diagnosis needed. While the adult formulation has the same ingredients as the one for kids, the adult version is much stronger; taking the child version allows for more flexibility in incremental dosing. 

Unlike many prescription medications, Brillia is not habit forming, and it will not cause harmful side effects like drowsiness or depression, nor will it mask the personality or lead to tolerance. Your child’s appetite will not be affected, so you don’t have to worry about unexpected weight changes. As stated above, if your child is already taking a prescription medication for anxiety or ADHD, Brillia can be safely added to their routine because the medication does not have harmful interactions with any other supplements or medications. Though Brillia does contain lactose, it is gluten-free and nut-free.

Even if your child is usually squeamish about taking medication, Brillia is very easy to use. The homeopathic supplements are available as small white tablets without any added flavors, sugars, or colors. Some say the taste is even a little sweet. As an easy-dissolve tablet, Brillia should be held on the tongue until it dissolves. 

Brillia Advantages 

Not only do the many reviews for Brillia show the product’s success for children as well as adults, this 2019 study found that Brillia had a “pronounced therapeutic effect” in patients with mild to moderate ADHD and anxiety.6 Uniquely, Brillia offers a holistic approach to reducing anxiety and ADHD symptoms with our 5-Pillar methodology. Users who combine Brillia with healthy lifestyle factors like proper nutrition, adequate sleep, controlled screen time, and mindfulness practices experience the best results and long-term effectiveness. The Brillia blog is full of resources on how to eat healthier as a family, how to practice mindfulness together and more.

Ready for Brillia?
Ready for Brillia?
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Who Should Use Brillia? 

Brillia is designed to reduce the following symptoms in children and adults: 

Consider Brillia if you are looking for a gentle option free from harmful side effects that may be able to offer the same support as prescription medications. Along with reducing symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, and irritability, Brillia helps to improve focus, clarity, and attention, especially when combined with the healthier lifestyle changes listed in the 5-Pillars. 

How to Use the Correct Brillia Dosage for My Child

The recommended dosage of Brillia for your child depends on the severity of their symptoms: moderate or severe. If you are not sure, we suggest starting with the moderate dosage, which means one pill in the morning, one mid-day, and one in the evening at least two hours before bedtime. Moderate and severe symptoms require three doses spread out as evenly as possible throughout the day. We know that this can be a challenge with the school schedule. However, it is still recommended to take three doses, even if two of them end up being closer together. In these cases, we recommend administering one dose in the morning, one after school, and one about two hours before bedtime.

Dosage for children:

  • Mild: one pill, twice a day
  • Moderate: one pill, three times a day
  • Severe: two pills, three times a day

Your child can skip every fourth month of taking Brillia only if the symptoms do not return. We understand that some parents are afraid to stop during the fourth month because they don’t want the symptoms to return. And for some children, the symptoms do return. There is no harm in continuing to take the medication without stopping and rest assured there are no side effects associated with starting or stopping Brillia at any time. 

How to Use the Correct Brillia Dosage for Myself 

Similar to the dosage guidelines for children, the recommended dosage for adults is based on the severity of your symptoms. If you are not sure, we recommend choosing the moderate dosage. Please make sure the last dose is taken two or more hours before bedtime.

Dosage for adults:   

  • Mild: one pill three times a day
  • Moderate: two pills three times a day
  • Severe: three doses consisting of three pills in the morning (first dose), two pills in the afternoon (second dose), and three pills in the evening (last dose) 

Adults can also take the fourth month off. However, you should pay close attention to how you feel during this month to decide if taking a break works for you. Remember, there are no side effects associated with starting or stopping Brillia at any time so you do not have to worry about withdrawal effects or dependence. 

If you think Brillia may benefit more than one member of your family, there are family savings available. Receive a 20 percent discount when you buy two or more three-month bundles (any product, any dosage). Once you add bundles to your cart, your discount code will be presented on the cart page so you can apply it at checkout. If you’ve found success with Brillia for your family, contact our customer service team so they can advise you about special offers from multiple bundle subscriptions. 

Find more resources on how to reduce anxiety and manage symptoms of ADHD at the Brillia blog.

Brillia is always here to help you shine brigher.

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