Brillia for Irritability

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Brillia for irritability

Whether it’s an autism, ADHD, or anxiety diagnosis, or just trying to manage the symptoms of irritability and mood regulation, Brillia can be a great non-prescription option that is gentle and impactful and does not have harmful side effects.

Irritability signs and symptoms in children, teens and adults:

  • Agitation, short temper
  • Lack of concentration/focus
  • Forgetfulness
  • Difficulty changing plans
  • Racing heartbeat
  • Oversensitivity
  • Emotional outbursts
  • Fatigue

What causes irritability?

We all experience irritable moods from time to time, perhaps due to stress, low blood sugar, or PMS. But if irritability is constant, it may be a sign of ADHD, autism, or a mood disorder like depression or
anxiety. Researchers believe that irritability stems from neural activation in the frontal-striatal region of the brain, the same section involved in regulating attention, inhibition, impulse control and other executive functions that are impaired. There is evidence that an imbalance of the S100B protein (a regulator of many different brain processes, including mood) may contribute to these symptoms. Brillia’s active ingredient is an antibody to this protein and regulates the activity of the S100B protein to reduce symptoms like irritability and mood issues.

Brillia’s unique and impactful active
ingredient reduces hyperactivity without
the use of harsh synthetic chemicals.

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No prescription required
No harsh synthetic chemicals
Non habit-forming
No harmful side effects
No contraindications
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Let’s answer any questions

What is irritability?

Irritability refers to a state of agitation triggered of stress, mental health conditions, or physical disorders. While irritability can be normal when it occurs occasionally, it can also be an indicator of an underlying condition.

What can you do to reduce irritability?

Figuring out the source of irritable feelings is an important first step because it can help you plan for and address irritability at the source. You may find that certain habits make you feel irritable, such as spending
too much time on screens or drinking too much caffeine. Following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness are all simple ways to start reducing irritability.

How does Brillia work for irritability?

There is evidence that symptoms of anxiety and ADHD, such as irritability, may stem from an  imbalance of the S100B protein, a regulator of many different brain processes, including mood. Brillia’s active ingredient consists of antibodies to the S100B protein. It works by locating and attaching to the protein and changing its shape, gently and impactfully reducing irritability at the source.

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