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Irritability refers to a state of agitation triggered of stress, mental health conditions, or physical disorders. While irritability can be normal when it occurs occasionally, it can also be an indicator of an underlying condition.
Irritability is included in the DSM-5 as a qualifying symptom associated with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Studies show that both anxiety and irritability influence the same parts of the brain: the amygdala and the prefrontal cortex.
Figuring out the source of irritable feelings is an important first step because it can help you plan for and address irritability at the source. You may find that certain habits make you feel irritable, such as spending too much time on screens or drinking too much caffeine. Following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness are all simple ways to start reducing irritability.
There is evidence that symptoms of anxiety and ADHD, such as irritability, may stem from an  imbalance of the S100B protein, a regulator of many different brain processes, including mood. Brillia’s active ingredient consists of antibodies to the S100B protein. It works by locating and attaching to the protein and changing its shape, gently and impactfully reducing irritability at the source.

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