5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Try Brillia With Your Kids

5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Try Brillia With Your Kids

"Summer is the perfect time to work together as a team to find out what works best for your child (and yourself!) and get your kids better prepared for the new school year"

School’s out and the days are getting longer — summer is officially here. While you may already have plans to get out of town, fire up the grill, or work on your tan, summer is also a good opportunity to take charge of your family’s health. This might entail trying something new.

If you and/or your child struggles with ADHD or anxiety (or both), summer is the perfect time to experiment with medication without worrying about how a new regimen will affect their regular school routine. Whether you’re already taking prescription medication for symptoms or you’ve been considering different options, you may want to give Brillia a try. This can be especially useful if you’ve been considering tapering off prescription drugs during the summer for a “drug holiday”, because Brillia is a suitable alternative and can be added to the regimen because it does not have contradictions.1 

5 Reasons Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Try Brillia With Your Kids

Free from harsh, synthetic chemicals and harmful side effects, Brillia is designed to reduce symptoms associated with ADHD and anxiety in children five years old and up as well as adults. Containing antibodies to the brain-specific S-100 protein (S-100B), a key regulator of many different intracellular and extracellular brain processes, Brillia gently and impactfully reduces hyperactivity, inattention, irritability, and restlessness at the source of symptoms without affecting any other systems in the body, and consequently helps improve focus, attention and mood regulation. By regulating the S-100 protein, Brillia efficiently normalizes levels of monoamines in different parts of the brain, including the feel-good neurotransmitters dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, helping to promote clarity and a balanced mood. This is most effective when combined with healthy lifestyle factors outlined in Brillia’s 5-Pillar methodology, which includes following a healthy diet, getting adequate sleep, controlling screen time, and practicing mindfulness and relaxation techniques. 

Find out more about why summer is the best time to try Brillia with your kids and how to make the most of your new regimen.

Ready to try Brillia?

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1. See Firsthand How it Affects You and Your Children 

When kids begin new medication during the school year, you can only rely on feedback from teachers regarding how the medication is affecting them throughout the day. This is especially true if your kids aren’t very vocal about what happens during the school day. Or maybe you won’t get any feedback at all. In this case, you might hope everything is going great, but then find yourself silently worrying about when or if a disruption will eventually erupt without your knowledge.  

During summer, kids tend to spend more time at home where you can monitor them more closely. You can see firsthand how they react to a new medication, or a combination of medications, as well as identify triggers and stressors you may not have previously noticed. You can also see the great results that Brillia can provide yourself. Summer is the perfect time to work together as a team to find out what works best for your child (and yourself!) and get your kids better prepared for the new school year.

2. Brillia Aids Anxiety and Hyperactivity

One of the most unique features of Brillia is that it works for both anxiety and hyperactivity. This sets it apart from stimulant ADHD medications, which typically have anxiety as a side effect. In fact, if you choose to stay on prescription drugs for ADHD, Brillia can be used in conjunction with your medication to clear up this secondary side effect. Brillia has no contraindications with other medications or supplements, so you can add it to your regimen or your child’s regimen without worry. Adding Brillia to your routine is also suitable as an alternative to increasing dosage of current medications if you wish to avoid increasing your risk of experiencing side effects.

3. Build it up in Your Systems in Time for the Next School Year

Brillia is a gentle and cumulative product which requires users to be consistent and patient with results. For most, it takes about three to four weeks for the active ingredient to build up in the system and to start to notice improvement. This process makes summer the perfect time to start Brillia so you can ensure the medication will be in full effect by the start of the next school year. It’s also safe to start or stop Brillia at any time; because there are no harsh, synthetic chemicals, users will not experience any withdrawal symptoms and there is absolutely no risk of dependency or coming off of Brillia. 

4. Money Back Guarantee with the 3-Month Program

Though Brillia takes about three to four weeks to build up in the system, we always suggest giving the product a full three months to decide whether or not it’s working for you or your children. For this reason, we recommend starting with the 3-month program because it offers the best discount and has the highest success rate with current Brillia users. In fact, we are so confident with our 3-month program that we offer a Money back guarantee (*Some restrictions apply.) if you find that it doesn’t work for you. 

5. Summer is the Time to Try Something Different!

Summer isn't just the perfect time to pick up a new hobby, try a new hairstyle, or visit a place you’ve never been before. Why not try something different for your health too? From taking a new medication to implementing some healthier lifestyle habits, this summer might be the kickstart your family needs for a more enjoyable year ahead.  

Find out more about Brillia for Children and Brilla for Adults and find more resources on managing ADHD and anxiety at the Brilli(ance) Resource Center.

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