Managing Your Child’s Supplement Routine

A daily routine is a child’s best friend when they struggle with attention issues. From sleep to screen time to supplements, the more basic details they can anticipate, the better able they are to concentrate on more complicated tasks.

Once you’ve established a routine for your child, it’s important to do everything you can to protect it. Insulating your child from any changes that may arise is the best way to maintain their daily success and prevent any major issues. For parents who struggle with keeping a supplement routine for their child, here are a few helpful hints from parents who have shared your struggles and have found successful ways to get past them.

Set Alarms for Your Child

A daily reminder on your phone or your child’s phone (if they’re old enough) is the most convenient way to never forget a supplement. We already carry our phones around with us all day, every day. It won’t take any extra effort for you and you’ll have a recurring reminder guaranteed to keep your child on a routine.

Add Helpful Behavior Habits to Your Routine

Sometimes your child will struggle with attention and anxiety issues during the time between their recommended remedy doses. Many factors contribute to a sudden drop in focus so try not to react quickly by giving them an additional dose.

Instead, stick to the routine that’s working, but encourage your child to lean on other techniques to regain focus. Habits like mindfulness, a quick journal entry, asking the teacher for help or a break to play outside are all helpful ways to regain control of their thoughts and attention.

Explore different techniques until you find the ones that work best for your child, then remind them to use those techniques when they feel their attention wavering.

Keep a Convenient Carrying Case

Daily life rarely looks the same. Some days children go directly home after school. Other days they go to a friend’s house or practice. A strict remedy routine is possible even with a fluctuating daily schedule.

One tip is to carry a travel case with your child’s remedies in the car or in your bag so they’re always on hand. However, if the product comes in a convenient blister pack, then it’s easier to carry around in its approved container - no travel case needed! Remember: don’t put an extra case in your child’s backpack unless you have alerted the school that they will be taking their doses themselves throughout the day. Most schools have strict policies against taking any form of medication and/or supplement on campus without doctor’s orders and you will want to ensure you are following the guidelines of the school to avoid any undue stress on your child.

Track Changes in Behavior

Although we emphasize the importance of a remedy routine, it’s only as good as the results you’re seeing in your child. To find the most efficient routine, track your child’s daily progress and struggles with attention and anxiety in a journal. While you should always go by the Drug Facts and dosage instructions for whatever your child takes - if your child is taking Brillia, it is possible to increase and decrease the dosage, especially at the beginning of the program to get the proper dosage for your child’s needs. The trends you see over weeks and months will help you understand what works best for your child.

Each routine will be specific to your child and the obstacles they face, as well as their innate strengths. Try a few suggestions and use the ones that work for you. The most important tip is to be open to whatever might help your child succeed.

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