Simple Home Decor Tips To Help Reduce Anxiety In Stressful Times

Simple Home Decor Tips To Help Reduce Anxiety In Stressful Times

Traumatic events such as natural disasters and even pandemics like COVID-19 can be scary, especially when you are told to stay in your home to ensure your safety. These events can create additional anxiety and stress for everyone, and the disruption of daily routines can further exacerbate these symptoms.

Creating and maintaining an anxiety-free space in your home can help individuals working from home feel a sense of control and comfort during these unprecedented times. Make use of your free time to apply some home decor ideas that are affordable and efficient. Creating a ‘zen’ space can be helpful as you try to follow Brillia’s Five Pillar program to continue to make healthier lifestyle choices.

1. Use Calming Colors and Textures

Colors play an important role in producing a calming atmosphere. Start with a bedroom color makeover, either for you or a family member. Painting a room can be daunting, time-consuming, and expensive. Luckily, you don’t have to commit to painting a room to feel the positive effects of calming colors. Try draping a tapestry on the wall or hang that poster you’ve had in storage for years. Calm, soothing colors such as baby blue, pastel pinks, and light yellows can help reduce stress and ease anxiety.

Adding soft and playful textures can also help ease anxiety. A soft blanket or a weighted blanket can help create a relaxing environment as well as add additional comfort no matter what age you are. Being mindful with the texture of bed linens, pillows, and chairs can play a monumental role in easing anxiety and stress. Pull out some of those blankets at the back of your closet, you might be surprised by what you find!

2. Relaxing Decorations

Help foster peace in your home with relaxing home decorations. Decorate with intention so that your space transforms into a warm, authentic space for you. Be creative with your mix of colors, fabrics, and decor to complement the peace you intend to achieve. How can you make your room less stressful? What decorations & furnishing help you feel at ease? What inspires you, comforts you, and relaxes you? Think on these questions and choose objects that help you relax.

Safely reduce anxiety, impulsivity and lack of focus in children, teens and adults.

Working on a project such as home decoration can reduce anxiety in itself, as DIY projects and other creative activities help channel anxious energy into productive outlets.

3. Practicing Light Therapy

The type of lighting that is used in your home correlates to mood and ability to fall asleep at night. Avoid fluorescent lights and use incandescent bulbs and warm LEDS instead. Dimming lights as much as possible during nighttime can also help create a bedtime relaxation routine that calms both children and adults.

4. Declutter Your Home

Organization in your home environment plays an important role in stress relief. A messy space can exacerbate an already anxious state of mind, and decluttering can have a positive influence on mood and stress levels.

With traumatic events such as COVID-19 causing more people to stay in their homes, it is essential to create a space of comfort and peace. Times like these cause elevated anxiety and irritability for all, especially those already suffering with issues of stress. For added support, consider using a non-prescription, safe & impactful product such as Brillia For Adults.

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