Art Activities for Kids That They'll Enjoy as Much as TV

Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids

In a world dominated by technology, it can be a challenge to pull children away from the television and cultivate creative activities that contribute to child development. However, there are ways to immerse children in creative projects using art that allows them to feel like they’re a part of the television show they are watching. Below are fun art projects that will allow your child to engage their creative skills from watching their favorite television show(s). These innovative art ideas for kids will allow them to explore the world and their imagination.

Draw the Characters

Ask your child to draw a scene and the characters from their favorite television show. This fun art project stimulates their working memory and helps your child to focus on a task that interests them. Allow them to choose their art platform, such as colored pencils, markers, crayons or maybe they prefer to create a pencil sketch.

Paint the Characters

If your child would rather a more hands-on approach, allow them to paint with a brush or to finger-paint their favorite scenes and characters. Vivid colors can make a picture appear more dynamic and often allows the artist to create intricate details that are not as prevalent with a pencil sketch.

Have a Puppet Show

Your child can build and decorate a simple puppet window to depict a scene from their favorite a television show or book. Your child can then make and decorate sock puppets of their favorite characters. This creative art project builds working memory and allows the child to act out scenes that they have seen on television or read about in a book.

Build a Fort

Children love to build forts where they can hide away and play. With items from around the house, a basic fort can be turned into a wonderland fun activity. For example, be open to allowing the child to use cardboard or a worn bedsheet to display their creation and artwork. If possible, asked to be invited and literally crawl into their fort and share their new special space. While inside, ask them to explain how their fort reflects a scene from their favorite television show.

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Sculpt with Clay

Entertainment plays a major role in how children see the world and they can be delighted by shows such as “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” Purchase various colors of clay and ask your child to form and mold their favorite characters or suggest they create new characters of their own. When they are done, sit down next to them and listen to your child describe their characters. Show great interest and ask the child to explain about the details they created on the characters.

Collect Nature

Entertainment in one form or another can be a large part of a child’s life, but, it is also important to explore natural elements found outside. Go on a scavenger hunt with your child to collect leaves, cones, branches, dirt, grass, flowers or other real pieces of nature; then, ask them how these natural items contribute to our natural surroundings and/or animal habitations.

Build a Diorama

If your child has a favorite animal, you can search the Internet or go to the local library to research together and discover information about that animal and its habitat. Then, using a shoebox, you can recreate its habitat with what your child collected outside and you can go on another exploratory hike to find more items to support the animal in their habitat. Your child can draw while you cut out different elements to make the habitat look more natural. A quick visit to the local craft store for colored paper to make trees, mountains or rivers can be fun. Finally, use play dough to create the animal for its new diorama home.

Handcraft Gifts & Cards

If your child loves to give gifts or cards, ask them to make it, rather than buy them. This is a creative and personal way to consider the likes and dislikes of others and should make them feel more generous and giving when they have spent the time to make a personal card or gift.

Children love to work with their hands and duplicating scenes from television shows and recreating favorite TV characters as a basis for their creativity. This is an innovative way to allow them to be part of the story, rather than only watching the TV. Your children can also enhance their creative abilities and will increase their knowledge about animals by exploring different types of animals and learning about their habitats. Encouraging your child to make the best gift they can make for someone else helps teach empathy. Implementing some of these fun art projects is a wonderful way to let your child explore the world and discover their own creativity while enjoying art projects as much as they enjoy TV.

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