Watching Your Child Suffer From Anxiety

I thought, as a parent, I’d be the first to know if my child needed help. Charlie was an exceptional student, but his grades started dropping significantly and I had no idea why. I started noticing other issues too. He stopped enjoying things he loved. He was spending more time alone and distancing himself. My son used to be an avid reader and loved to spend time with me, he even used to read bedtime stories to me.

I was watching Charlie do his homework and suddenly, he looked up from his paper with tears rolling down his cheeks and said, “My thoughts are like mush and they don’t make sense.” In that moment, I felt as though I was reliving my own childhood. Growing up, I struggled with anxiety and I could see the frustration in his eyes. I knew I had to help him, but I couldn’t bear to watch him try prescription after prescription like I had to.

“There just had to be a better option.”

We went to the doctor, and it felt like all my worst fears were coming true. The doctor said there was no way we could avoid taking prescriptions if I wanted to help my son. I didn’t want my baby to feel like a zombie and lose his appetite. I knew how prescriptions affected me as a child, and I was petrified of the effect it could have on him. There just had to be a better option. So, I started searching for ANY other solution. I was obsessively searching anywhere and everywhere for guidance.

Finally, I came across an ad for Brillia. After a lot of research, I found, they offer more than just a non-prescription anxiety medication. They offered us the tools we need to build better habits as a family. We use Brillia’s 5 Pillar program every day: proper nutrition, adequate sleep, relaxation, controlled screen time, and taking Brillia.

“I feel great about giving Brillia to Charlie.”

Since Brillia has no harmful side effects, and doesn’t require a doctor’s visit, I feel great about giving it to Charlie. He even reminds me when it’s time for the next dose! Over the course of a few weeks, I watched my son’s joy come back. He was even reading to me again! But as Charlie flourished, we noticed, my own anxiety was still lingering. I saw they had a product Brillia for Adults and decided to try it!

I set an alarm and made sure Charlie and I were both taking our 3 daily doses and we both started to feel better. Now that I have my anxiety under control, Charlie and I are learning to take care of our mental health together. My baby and I are shining brighter every day now, and you can too.

Visit and start implementing the Brillia 5 Pillars with your child today!

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Erin – Verified Buyer Registerd Nurse, Mom of 2 Children
”I'm so completely grateful that this has helped my family.“
Shine Brighter
Anna W. – Verified Buyer
Brillia for Adults
Brillia worked beautifully, allowing me to focus and feel hopeful again. It felt subtle, not like the quick high and the crash and burn of meds. But, It really made a difference.
Heidi V. – Verified Buyer Mom of 8-year-old Girl
At this point, I‘m really pleased with the progress that we're seeing.
Brillia for Children: Son with ADHD
Megan M. – Verified Buyer
Mom of Young Boy
Within 6-9 days of being on Brillia our sweet little boy came back.

He is joyful for the first time in years. He tells me, “I feel so happy today.” He gets along better with his siblings and friends. Brillia has brought peace to our entire family!

Joyce W. – Verified Buyer Brillia for Adults
Brillia for Adults worked just as it was promised.

Took a few weeks to notice the benefits but I noticed a big change in my anxiety. I was happy to know I could take it with my daily meds without any issues. Thank you Brillia for your wonderful and caring customer service and support.

Blayne B. – Verified Buyer Dad of 8-year-old Girl
Game changer after about 3 months!

We have been struggling with the decision to medicate our 8-year old daughter. When we found Brillia, we decided to take a chance on it. What a difference it has made for us. We are currently virtual schooling and wow. She no longer has outbursts and is able to focus more clearly.

Brillia for Adults: ADHD

I have been on ADHD prescription meds before. I’m off them now because of side effects. I took the whole (Brillia) package. I noticed a little bit more focus…but wasn’t I didn’t order any more. However, I have recently realized how much good it really was doing. I just re-ordered.

Rami A – Verified Buyer
Dad of 6-year-old Boy
Truly amazing product!!!

Worked for my 6 year old as he now is a “different“ child in class thank G-d. One important point is to make sure you stick to the directions and just realize it may take a few more weeks than expected to build in ones system so don‘t give up.

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Brillia for Children: Daughter with ADHD
Kristin F. – Verified BuyerMom of Young Boy
Within 3 weeks we noticed a different kid.
Brillia for Children: Son with behavior struggles
Lori G. – Verified Buyer
Mom of 14-year-old Girl
Without Brillia my daughter was on narcotics that caused her to have severe irritability and not be able to perform well in school.

We have found an amazing product. She is able to have accountability, her grades are As and Bs...what you guys have has really, really, changed our outlook...and I can‘t imagine our lives without it.

Jerri L. – Verified BuyerMom of 9-year-old Boy
We have tried 7 or 8 different kinds of products and nothing has ever worked for his anxiety and his attention issues.

At school he was getting labeled by the teachers, and they were really hammering me to put him on chemical medications. I knew there had to be something natural out there that could help my son. I found Brillia on Facebook. He said he loves the way it makes him feel.

Don‘t be like them. Be like you.
Julie G. – Verified Buyer
Mom of 18-year-old Young Man
Here was a once stressed out mama, but no more! Now I can sleep at night.

I have a son that just turned 18...he had his fingers in his mouth chewing constantly on his nails, suffered from anxiety, couldn't focus, he had anger issues...after week one we starting noticing results. After week three he was on his way to a much more calm, relaxed young has changed his life, it has changed my life.

Jaynaya J. – Verified BuyerMom of 11-year-old Boy
Brillia has been a lifesaver for our family. There have been no negative side effects. He's been on it for about 2 months, and we‘ve really seen a difference.
Samantha T. – Verified BuyerMom of 10-year-old Boy
I tried Brillia, and we’re on the highest dose, and it’s like a totally different kid.
Cricket M. – Verified Buyer
Mom of 16-year-old Boy
We have a 16-year-old son who was having difficulty focusing in school. He would say, "I'm focusing, I‘m focusing...but then, I‘m thinking of bumble bees.“

Our doctor prescribed a low dose of a prescription medication for my son‘s ADHD...the side effects made him very angry, very sad. Now he takes an Rx in the morning AND Brillia in the morning...and it so much better. Everything is just perfect.

Sean S. – Verified Buyer Brillia for Adults
I’m 36 and I got diagnosed with ADHD as a kid.

I’ve been taking Brillia now for about 8 weeks and I have noticed that my focus and attention has definitely increased. I also experienced no side effects which is awesome!

Brillia for Children, Teens & Adults

Brillia targets symptoms of anxiety, stress, hyperactivity, irritability, and lack of focus. If symptoms are present, Brillia can help knock them out.

Brillia for Adults
Madalyn K. – Verified Buyer
Mom of 9-year-old Girl
Brillia has greatly reduced stress on our family.

My daughter can now sit still which is amazing! She hasn't been as mean to her little sisters and her ability to get through school work has improved markedly all after about 3 weeks. We will be customers for a long long time.