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Ashley, Mother
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Bernie, Father
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 Ariela, Mother
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Diana, Mother
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Comprehend Better

My 7 year old has been taking Brillia for almost 1 month. He had struggled with mainly focusing on school work at home and at school. Since taking Brillia his level of focusing has improved significantly. He's able to comprehend better & listen to direction more adequately.

-Heather- Via Facebook
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Great Product

I started to take Brilla after my friend recommended it to me. I was so overloaded with school work and had no time to rest. My level of stress was so high and it affected my mood, my sleep, my grades and my health. After one month, I started to feel results. Less stress and better sleep. Fortunately I am able to focus better and do more. Couldn’t wish for more. 

- Lenny, Teenager
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Great solution for
nervous & excitable children.

My son is a first grader and was shy and nervous in all situations. He also often suffered from headaches and cried a lot. First grade created a lot of pressure for him. New school, new kids, new teacher—it was a lot to take on. A child psychologist was helping us with his adjustment, and recommended Brillia for children. It worked wonderfully. Brillia helped my child to become calm, helped with his stress, and helped him focus. Unlike other medicines in this category, it didn’t make him drowsy or sluggish. We started it about 3 weeks before school began. We didn’t notice the impact right away, but slowly his sleep has changed. He is now sleeping restfully. We can talk to him about school and he has a positive outlook, no stress, less fears. He has made friends. Problems exist, but he doesn’t make a tragedy out of them. We are not taking Brillia right now as our course has finished. Fortunately I don’t see any deterioration and we are trying to stick to the program during our off month. We’re so happy with our experience with Brillia.

- Jasmine, Parent
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