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Impulsivity is the inability to inhibit behavioral impulses or thoughts. It is characterized by tendency to act without thinking.
Impulsivity may refer to physically risky behavior like running across the street without looking, or socially risky behavior like blurting out something inappropriate. Other impulsive behaviors may include aggressiveness, restlessness, interrupting others, or being unable to concentrate.
Researchers believe that impulsivity stems from the same section of the brain as executive function, which is highly affected by ADHD. In a person who has ADHD, impulsivity may include acting impatiently when waiting in line, blurting out answers before a person has finished asking a question, or having temper outbursts.
There are a number of ways to treat impulsivity, including therapy and medication. Experts have found the most effectiveness in treating impulsivity with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), which helps a person understand the roots of their impulsive thoughts and behaviors while developing new and healthier ways of thinking and behaving. Recognizing situations that trigger impulsivity can also help you and plan for them. This might mean bringing fidget toys to meetings or arriving early to practice a mindfulness technique in the car.
Research shows that individuals with ADHD have an imbalance of the S100B protein. Brillia uses antibodies to the S100B protein, which works by normalizing its activity to reduce impulsivity and other symptoms of ADHD at the source. As a gentle and impactful medication, Brillia does not contain harsh chemicals and will not cause harmful side effects.

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