Wellness Opinion Leader Series: <br>Tori Gordon, Holistic Life Coach

Brillia Review Tori Gordon


Shine Brighter

“I wish I had found this sooner.”
“Finally something natural that works.”

At Brillia we’re always looking for ways to expand our community. We wanted to connect with driving forces in the wellness world, those that are like-minded in the pursuit of helping others with anxiety, ADHD, lack of focus and irritability challenges. So, we asked a few key opinion leaders, with their varied expertise and symptoms, if they would be willing to try Brillia and give us an honest account of their experience.

Tori Gordon was named one of the Top 100 Female Creators on TikTok in 2021, her work now reaches nearly 1 million people worldwide. She has won multiple awards including “Top 10 Female Mindset Coaches” as well as “Top 5 Podcasts” To Guide You Through COVID19. What we love about Tori is her dedication to serving those who are willing and ready to transform their lives for the highest good. Her ultimate goal is to help those who are tired of settling for the status quo and seek to rediscover the passion, purpose and power that lies within.

As someone who struggles with ADD, Tori wanted to wean off her prescription medication in the hopes of finding a holistic solution. Watch to find out more about her success with Brillia.

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