How Antibody Remedies Work for Children with Anxiety

There are so many solutions in and around attention challenges for children, it can feel overwhelming and confusing! Antibody remedies are a newer approach to help reduce the symptoms of attention issues in children. So what are antibody remedies?

In the most simplistic terms, they are remedies that focus on reducing the cause of disturbances in the brain, rather than managing the outcomes (like traditional pharmaceuticals do).

In the world of focus challenges, one of the proteins that causes disturbances is from a group called the S-100. Researchers have discovered that there are links between the S-100 proteins and how the brain regulates focus and attention. They discovered that when certain S-100 proteins become overactive, the patient has a lowered ability to focus and a shortened attention span. Antibody remedies (such as Brillia) neutralize the S-100 proteins, thus helping the brain improve its normal function, all without the harmful side effects that accompany pharmaceutical products.

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So why else should you look toward antibody remedies, and stay away from pharmaceutical options? Mostly because pharmaceuticals only address the symptoms of those with attention issues. Instead of working to eradicate the problem altogether, the drugs work to mute the behaviors. Additionally, pharmaceuticals often introduce negative side effects that complicate your child’s life, rather than relieve it. Mild side effects include headaches, weight loss or blurred vision, but it can get worse. With homeopathic antibody options, like Brillia, you can bypass the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals altogether, while at the same time addressing the root cause of the symptoms.

Brillia tablets—taken up to three times a day—are designed to combat overactive S-100 proteins. The Brillia Program is not a lifetime commitment to a drug, rather a single part of a complete holistic strategy. This allows you and your child to work on external lifestyle changes which will benefit the entire family. Changes like:

  • putting your child on a consistent sleep schedule,
  • giving their brain and body the rest they need to maintain sustained focus,
  • allowing your whole family to participate in mindfulness meditation to learn how to regulate impulse behaviors,
  • decreasing the amount of sugar your child eats every day.

If these lifestyle changes sound like advice for a slew of other ailments, it’s because they are. A holistic approach to health is the foundation of most prevention. Simple, healthy changes give your body the energy it needs to function the right way; the way it should. You rarely need a complicated pharmaceutical answer. You only need good choices and a kickstart toward a healthy lifestyle.

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