Colors of the Rainbow Short Meditations

These short meditations are inspired by grounding techniques and knowledge pertaining to the seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers of the body in ancient Hindu meditation practices.

When dealing with stress and anxiety, it can be helpful to focus on one color and look actively for it in our surroundings, to reconnect with the present moment. Each chakra is associated with a color and a body part. Concentrating on this color can in turn strengthen the chakra attached to it, and promote a better flow of energy throughout the body to facilitate relaxation.

To feel the change one minute can make in a day, I invite you to follow my voice during this series of short meditations. Visualize each color of the rainbow, and what they inspire within you, whenever and wherever you may need it.
Chakra Colors

Jutta Collet Purple Chakra
Jutta Collet Blue Chakra

Jutta Collet Teal Chakra


Jutta Collet Green Chakra

Jutta Collet Yellow Chakra Meditation for Brillia
Jutta Collet Orange Chakra Meditation for Brillia

   Jutta Collet Red Chakra

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