Calming Meditation Video with Jutta Collet

Brillia is honored to introduce to our community another wellness leader Jutta Collet, massage therapist, craniosacral practitioner and creator of The Body Soulstice Method. Her calming meditation video can help you practice mindfulness, one of the 5 Pillars that supports our Brillia holistic approach to anxiety, irritability, impulsivity and lack of focus.

As an elite athlete, Jutta experienced first hand the helplessness caused by injuries and pain. She understood early on that alternative and holistic healthcare and practices used consistently could help heal and lead to fewer diseases down the road. In this video, Jutta creates a haven of peace by providing space to relax, take a break and receive the necessary care and motivation to take ownership of your own personal wellness journey.

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Reduce anxiety,
irritability and impulsivity.


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