Helping Your Child with Back-to-School Anxiety

Child with Back-to-School Anxiety

For children struggling with attention and anxiety issues, starting back to school smoothly can be crucial for their happiness and health. Here are a few tools and tips to help your child start the new year off successfully and happily.

Routine, routine, routine

Having a structured day-to-day routine will help your child know what to expect and when. From a bedtime routing, to a regular homework schedule — knowing what comes next and how to prepare will reduce anxiety for both you and your child.

For homework, designate a quiet, organized space where kids can work with fewer distractions. Schedule in snack breaks as well as opportunities for them to stretch their legs, and you will find they get much more done in a shorter amount of time.

Front of the classroom

Staying focused in class can often be a challenge for kids, but especially for children with attention issues. Sitting at the front of the classroom not only helps kids avoid the distractions (and temptations!), it also promotes accountability. The harder it is for your child to slip through the cracks and escape attention, the better. When kids sit up front, it will be easier for the teacher to notice if they’re having a hard time and give you both a chance address the issue before it becomes a problem.

Shine Brighter

“I wish I had found this sooner.”
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Focus through friendships

Children with attention and anxiety issues can find making new friends and keeping strong relationships challenging. Adding social pressures to back-to-school can make for an already high-stress situation for your child even more challenging. To alleviate some of these pressures a pre-scheduled playdate with a future classmate can have big positive impact and relieve a lot of stress on day one. You also will be able to monitor their behaviors, so if they need a little social coaching you can manage it a bit before your child enters the classroom.

Prescription and supplement check-in

If your child is taking a prescription or supplements to help manage their attention challenges, it is a good idea to start re-evaluating the dosage and effectiveness in the weeks prior to returning to school. It’s important to pay close attention to how it’s working throughout the day (including mornings!) and adjust the schedule so kids aren’t crashing during the last few periods or having mid-math homework meltdowns after school.

If you are thinking about starting your child on the Brillia Program, it would be ideal to do so before school begins, or at the beginning of the school year (in addition to integrating the other 4 pillars into your child’s life) to help your child shine bright from day 1 at school.

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