How It Works & Ingredients

How does it work? 

By directly attacking the S-100 protein that your brain releases during anxious moments, Brillia focuses on addressing the root cause of attention and anxiety issues in children.

Ages 5 to 18 years old


  • Enhance clarity
  • Improve concentration of Attention
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety & stress, excitability, irritability and hyperactivity

FDA Regulated

The FDA regulates homeopathic remedies. Additionally, our production facilities are certified as using safe practices following the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). GMP are high-quality assurance standards that guarantee consistency in manufacturing, investigating preparations so that they would correspond to their purpose and is the central element of our quality management system. GMP covers all production stages and are the requirements of the marketing authorization certificate and of the specifications.

Active: lapine S-100 immune globulin mixture of homeopathic dilutions 12C, 30C and 50C.
Inactive: lactose monohydrate, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose

Does Not Contain Artificial colors or artificial flavors