Antibodies 101: How Antibodies Can Help Reduce Anxiety & Improve Concentration

Though the body can produce antibodies naturally, there are also antibody medications designed to counteract the effects of the body producing too much of a detrimental chemical or protein.

Our bodies are highly efficient machines capable of producing a range of complex chemicals, from neurotransmitters and hormones to enzymes, endorphins, and beyond. Each of these chemicals has a specific function, from protecting the body from foreign pathogens to helping us flee danger. Antibodies are other complex chemicals that the immune system produces as another form of protection. Learn what antibodies are, how they can be used to reduce anxiety and improve focus, and how a medication like Brillia can help.  

What Are Antibodies?

Antibodies, also known as immunoglobulin, are targeted Y-shaped proteins that bind like a lock-and-key to the body's foreign invaders to remove them from the body. They may include viruses and bacteria as well as chemicals triggered by stress and anxiety.1 Though the body can produce antibodies naturally, there are also antibody medications designed to counteract the effects of the body producing too much of a detrimental chemical or protein.

How Brillia Uses Antibody Science 

Brillia has a very unique approach by combining antibody science and homeopathy to create a product that is safe and impactful, backed by science-based methodologies and proven results. Brillia regulates the activity of what are known as the S-100 proteins, which play a key role in mood regulation, focus, and neuroplasticity. Studies show that S100B levels are elevated in patients with mood disorders like anxiety, depression, and mania.2 S100B levels are also associated with symptoms of ADHD like inattention and hyperactivity. Unlike prescription anti-anxiety drugs or ADHD stimulants, Brillia does not use synthetic chemicals and has no harmful side effects. Highly targeted to attach to and regulate the S100B protein, Brillia gently and impactfully reduces anxiety, irritability, and restlessness at the source while improving focus and clarity. This is achieved without impacting any other systems in the body or making any changes to blood chemistry and it is completely safe to use alongside other medications or supplements. 

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How Do Antibodies Help Reduce Anxiety?

When we become stressed or anxious, the S100B protein binds to a specific target enzyme in the brain to instigate undesirable symptoms like irritability, restlessness, and inattention. Brillia’s active ingredient reduces these symptoms by seeking out and attaching to the S100B protein and changing its shape so it cannot bind to its target enzyme. This process effectively stops anxiety and related symptoms at the source without any harmful side effects. Even more, Brillia is safe and gentle enough to take with any other medications or supplements if anxiety medication has already been prescribed. In some cases, users have decided to switch over to Brillia to avoid the negative side effects of their prescription drugs or have taken Brillia in lieu of increasing their dosage, although it is always recommended that they ask their doctor before stopping any medication.   

How Can Antibodies Improve Focus & Concentration?

Research shows that ADHD symptoms like inattention and hyperactivity are associated with an imbalance of the S100B protein.3 Similar to how it works for anxiety, Brillia’s active ingredient targets and attaches to the S100B protein to reduce ADHD symptoms at the source and effectively improve focus and concentration.This is achieved without causing harmful side effects associated with ADHD drugs like dry mouth, insomnia, weight gain, weight loss, or personality changes.  

Even more uniquely, Brillia relies on a holistic approach, which helps to address anxiety, irritability, and inattention from multiple angles. The  5-Pillar methodology addresses various facets of a healthy lifestyle to ensure long-lasting success with resources and tools that can be used for years to come. This includes adequate sleep, a nutritious diet, controlled screen time, and mindfulness techniques

Learn more about how Brillia works and explore our blog for resources on how to help reduce your child’s anxiety.

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