Brillia 5 Pillars: Adequate Sleep

Ways to Help Kids Sleep
The brain depends on a solid night’s sleep to re-energize the cells in your brain, regulate mood, and provide needed support for learning and memory. We’ll help you learn about the science of sleep and real ways to help you get the rest you need.

Tips for Settling Down at Night

1. Don't consume caffeine, chocolate and other "sugary" drinks close to bedtime
2. Adopt and adhere to a bedtime routine that includes quiet activities, like reading
3. Dinner time should be a few hours before bedtime (a full tummy can affect sleep)
4. Set a bedroom ambiance that will help your child relax
5. Be sure to keep active during the day to be more physically tired at night and fall asleep faster
6. Implement relaxation techniques before bedtime
7. A warm bath before bedtime can calm a child and prepare them for sleep.

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